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#1 2019-10-17 06:24:47

Greg Ehmka

Ejaculation Control and Energy Retention

Ejaculation Control and Energy Retention

These two guys, David and Silver posted wonderful sharings on ejaculation control and I was moved to post a long comment on Silver's.

This is a copy of my comment:

Thanks for your sharing Silver!  ...totally great and important.

Thanks also to David for his similar sharing which is also totally great and super thanks to Sofia for opening up this space for the brothers to share about these things and develop them!

I can confirm all the great experiences that Silver and David talked about like being able to make love as often as I like for as long as I like and when bringing the sexual pleasure energy upward and outward through the whole body it becomes so magical that the full body energy orgasms make the genital orgasms (ejaculation) more or less secondary and I can let months can go by without them, tension free. ...and, as Silver shared, the retained energy goes into creativity and also can go into receiving answers to questions, solutions to problems and communications with others, like knowing exactly what to say to someone.

Much depends, of course, on the overall exchange and balance of the different types of energies with partners. The girls need good, effective orgasm intentions to balance with the ejaculation control of the guys. If she has, for example, a clitoral orgasm that drops the energy then everything can stop just the same as if he has an ejaculation that drops the energy. So it's a real mutual endeavor such that each one has only the types of orgasms that sustain the energy.

When a partner and I have been able to keep the energies strong, balanced and sustained, which requires much, we've been able to touch illumination states, natural trance states like "polarity shift orgasms", some inter-dimensional awareness and even brief deity contact!

A "polarity shift orgasm", if you've had them maybe you call them something else, is when the male has a feminine, energy orgasm and the female has a masculine, energy orgasm. A feminine energy orgasm is cool, watery and comes up the front. A masculine energy orgasm is hot, fiery and comes up the back.

To have this polarity shift, the levels of acceptance, relaxation and trust in his partner that the male has to go to and the levels of drive, movement and trust in herself that the female has to go to are very intense. It seems we need a sort of altered or trance state, which is quite amazing itself, to reach a perfect balance in each of the two physical bodies and between the two physical bodies of, what we might call, pure archetypal gender such that the union can take place.'s all much like what you may have read in different places. I've only had the full expression of it occur just a few times although in much less intense, partial ways it's a bit more frequent.

There are other pieces to the picture, which perhaps you are already doing, like working with the Taoist dragon Shen energy in addition to or in parallel with the yogic kundalini snake energy and the benefits and learning curves of each. Good, effective ejaculation control, meaning energy retention for both genders, makes these higher vibrational energies far more accessible.

Another major piece is shifting the normal orgasm tension into emotional release and clearing. That makes ejaculation control even easier and the joy, love, intimacy, vulnerability and feeling of oneness between us goes off the charts!

The emotional clearing is fundamental in several ways. In addition to basic healing, stress relief and giving power to intent, specifically in Tantra with its powerful endeavor to balance gender polarity both within and without, as the girls bring forth their power and charisma they need to learn all about anger. Similarly, as the guys develop their sensitivity and inspiration they need to learn all about their suppressed fears. Otherwise the girls can get too hard and controlling and the guys too soft and not controlling enough!

Then there are also the "Inner Guided Movement" pieces which are sometimes called Latihan and other names and which Osho called “Mahamudra" which he stated has been a part of Tantric practice for thousands of years. BTW, the Tibetans and others use the word "Mahamudra" differently. Making love while being guided from within is nothing short of God-like.

When all of that is brought together we also see definite effects on slowing, stopping and reversing aging similar to what the Taoists have always said. ...and that is directly related particularly to the past emotional healing which IMO is the real source of illness and aging. We've come quite a long way in proving all this including, literally, saving a life.

The “wisdom of the penis" that David alluded to is fabulous! ....and completely profound... I use "his wisdom" not only for guidance as to who to connect with but also, in an ongoing relationship, for guidance as to timing of connection and sexual union and also for how long sexual union should last. That along with Inner Guidance really helps the confidence that I'm doing the right things at the right times with the right people!

Anyway, I could go on and on, thanks for listening. Thanks again to Silver and David for sharing. It's great to know there are other brothers taking these things seriously and doing the self-work and getting the awesome results. Have a beautiful day!

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