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#1 2018-06-30 18:26:13

Greg Ehmka

Abundance and The Money Bus

Hi Everyone,

Below, is a revised article and some sharing about money.  The short version about money is that it is fundamentally detrmined by one's ability to receive.

One's individual receiving, whether it is money, sex, creativity, truth etc. is a function of how big your "receiving box" is and so one of the most basic intentions that you can have is for you to get a bigger receiving box!

The "size" and "shape" of the box is determined by the identity/Ego as a kind of reality on "how good life can actually be for you."

Most of us have small, even tiny, unsatisfying receiving boxes and so life's goodies that are trying to come in all the time just can't. Literally, there is insufficient "space" in the box to receive them.

You could say that the label of the box says "Self Value." And self value is squished down to a low level by old hurts and fears etc. As we clear and complete the old "unfinished business" of old hurts and fears the box naturally grows larger.

When the box gets big enough then we can turn our attention to "life purpose." Meaning, what did you come here to do?

Inside of these two things, a bigger box and your own life purpose the real truth about money's place for you personally can show up.

Another very important point is that, as I say in the article it truly does not matter WHO has the money. What matters is that it goes to empower YOUR intentions! When one of my soul brothers, for example, gives me several thousands of dollars or when another of my soul sisters gave me a hundred fifty thousand to build a house each of them were totally in their joy of giving and generosity. THEY had the money but it went for MY intentions. This is the essence of unconditional receiving.

As you will see, "money is in the back of the bus." It is the FINAL step. Everything else such as fully empowered intentions, fully empowered relationships, clear free agreements and most important, self-value, must come first and have to be exactly in place. THEN the money flows to the new "reality" effortlessly. It is THEN that money becomes "just energy."

If that is all not too clear conceptually don't be concerned. The important thing is to feel what is present as you consider your money intentions. If it is there, feel the despair, hopelessness, the frightened child, the frustration, outright pain or anger and realize that these feelings are exactly what needs to come forth to be cleared so that you can get a bigger box.

The money miracles that some have experienced are because of their wonderful willingness and commitment to move the “layers" that are holding down self value. 

So, as I like to say, "it's simple and not necessarily easy!" :-)

I love you ... greg

Abundance and The Money Bus

"Money Is In the Back Of the Bus!"

I’m really struck, in general, by the amount of frustration, disappointment and actual suffering most people experience relative to money. My intention in writing this sharing is to support a complete reorganization and transformation of people’s experience relative to money.

The reorganization I wish to take place is to transform our reality from a "money determined abundance" or lack of it to an "intention determined abundance" or lack of it.  Notice that means two different kinds of abundance or lack of it.

Most everyone who might be reading this would agree that money is "just energy." Or, the way that I like to say it, "money’s sole purpose is to move things from one place or person to another." 

Money just moves things.  That’s all it does!

The problem is that even though we agree that money is "just energy" we are not living that way.  We understand that money is just energy but we experience money quite differently. 

We are missing a reality that fully empowers us to have whatever we want regardless of the amount of money that may or may not be present. Instead, we look first at the amount of money that is present and THEN decide our course of action. This is what I mean by "money determined abundance."

Money is placed first on the bus and what’s worse; it is actually placed in the driver’s seat!

If you watch people carefully it is fairly easy to see that they ALWAYS have money for the things that they REALLY want.

Even if there is some upset, chaos or the feeling of being "forced" to spend money in a certain way the fact remains that there is a choice. So, even though the money feels like it is being "forced" to go in a certain direction it is still in accordance with what is REALLY wanted and therefore with what is really chosen in the present.

The fact that people always seem to have money for what they really want shows the beginnings of how to take money out of the bus driver’s seat and place it in the back of the bus.

How often have you heard a smoker or drinker ever say, "I don’t have money for cigarettes or liquor so I’m quitting right now"? Or, how often have you heard anyone say "I don’t have money for rent so I’m going homeless out on the street today"?

But we have often heard, "I don’t have money for a vacation so I’m not going on the trip." Or, I don’t have money for new clothes so I will wear the old ones."

If we take two more examples, has anyone ever said, "Hmmm, well I don’t really have the money for a heart operation so I will just say goodbye to everyone and die"? But, on the other hand, they often say, "Hmmm, well I don’t really have money for school so I won’t go."

What is the difference? The difference is in the simple word "commitment." If there is a commitment, for example to pay rent, then the rent will definitely be paid.

If you listen closely to what people actually say, you will find an endless number of examples of situations where the money is definitely available and whether something is paid for or not depends only on how committed they are to paying it!

So the first point to consider is:

No Money really means No Commitment

In light of this consideration, we can re-frame our money decisions such that if we speak the words, "I don’t have money for something" we understand that we are really saying "I don’t have the commitment for that thing."  And what that really means is the value we place on that thing is not high enough to exchange some of our money for it!

As an additional point worth mentioning, since this re-framing brings us closer to the actual truth, it then supports us in looking more closely to see how big the commitment really might be. So, in a sense, commitment can be measured.

So if we rearrange our bus passengers and place money in the back of the bus then we can see that commitment takes its proper place in the front of the bus. But, it is very important to note that commitment is not the bus driver! Intention is the bus driver. Intention is always the bus driver. (Even when we don’t think so!)  With intention in the bus driver’s seat we can place commitment in the front row seat, exactly where it belongs.

Then the question comes up as to what or who is in the seats behind commitment and in front of money? Just behind commitment are self-value and self-worth. If you don’t value yourself highly enough then you won’t feel that you deserve the thing that you want. If you don’t feel that you deserve it then your self-worth will be too low to receive it. Whether or not you feel that you deserve what you want, and whether or not you have the ability to actually receive what you want - are the passengers next on the bus behind Commitment.

In the bus seats that are behind self-worth but still in front of money are your own personal transformation processes and your own personal processes of learning to create new or alternate realties.

Here is the whole picture: Intention is the bus driver.  Commitment has the front row seat.  Self-value (deserving) sits behind commitment.  Self-worth (receiving) sits next.  Then your personal transformation process has its seat.  Then your personal processes to expand your ability to create new and alternate realties sits staring out of the window (at all of the visions and dreams of new realities.)  What this means is that there are skills, techniques and tools to be learned for creating the new realties that will actualize your dreams.  And then, finally in the back, is money which sits last on the bus!

Now notice something else. Think about the last time that you rode a bus. Everybody faces forward! That means everybody is looking at the passengers that are in front of themselves. This means commitment looks at intention. Self-value (deserving) looks at commitment. Self-worth (receiving) looks at deserving. Transformation and new realties look at receiving. And, so money looks at transformation and new realties!

From this point of view, we can fully understand what it really means to say that money is "just energy." Of course! It is the energy to move things around to actualize the new reality once it has been created. That is all. Money/energy, flows into life to move things around and "energize" the new reality after the new reality has been successfully intended, committed to, deserved and received. Money/energy flows after we ourselves have sufficiently transformed to actualize our new intended reality! To make it real.

The way the passengers sit on the bus also coaches us a little on what to keep our eye on as we go through all of the steps. If you are thinking about your commitment then keep your eye on your intentions. If you are thinking about what you feel that you deserve then keep your eye on your commitments. Similarly, if you are working on receiving something keep your eye on what you deserve.

This continues all the way down the rows of bus seats. If you are thinking about your transformation then watch your ability to receive. (Which means your ability to be really satisfied.) If you are thinking about making new realties happen then watch your transformation and keep that flowing..

Now we can get to the main point of all of this.

If you are thinking about money then watch your creation of new realities!

When you are setting intentions do not turn around and look at the last person on the bus while driving! If a real bus driver did this he would certainly crash the bus; yet that is exactly what most people do. Their "money bus" lurches around crashing into this and crashing into that because the bus driver has his eye on the rear view mirror looking backward at the money, the last person on the bus rather than looking forward at the road of his intentions!

It is very simple; you do not need to watch money.

Money will watch you!

Money will watch to see what new realties you have created and then show up in exactly the right amount to "move things" around so that you get your new reality!

It is not exactly easy to do but it is a very good idea to almost totally forget about money and instead hold your intentions and keep transforming toward them. You will feel MUCH better if you do this. Remember! Don’t turn around. The seats of the bus face forward!

If this all seems basically clear then what comes next? If you have been through the course then you already know that this reorganization of concepts relative to money is actually a completely new set of intentions. And, we know what that means!

It means that setting these powerful intentions will bring into the present all manner of emotions, feelings and voices that need to be transformed. Foremost among these feelings and voices are simple fear and "lack of trust" along with some basic anger, lack of appreciation or gratitude and the big one; “I don’t deserve it." 

Transforming all of these directly increases the availability of money to you. Remember also that YOU, yourself, don’t actually need to have the money. You need to create a new reality based on your personal transformation. After that, anyone can have the necessary money. For example, one girl wanted a mountain bike.  Her mother had the necessary money and just gave her the mountain bike.  The girl just received the mountain bike once she created the new reality. She did not need to have the money.

Normally we would think of this as “a gift" or “being lucky". It’s important to understand that these are our creations also!

I did a series of sessions with a guy a long time ago and he had no money to give me but instead gave me a new leather jacket and a bread machine! I learned how to make bread and ate fresh baked bread for years and also wore a cool new leather jacket that another guy actually offered to buy from me after I wore it for years.

All of this was MUCH more valuable, enjoyable and satisfying then a few hundred dollars would have been! I’ve received plane tickets, flowers, cars and even a new house that I designed and had built. In those cases I didn’t need the necessary money at all. Other people had it!

Here is the next piece of cosmic humor. 

We are not really increasing the availability of money to you, but rather YOUR availability to money!

There is plenty of money around. The problem is that, in general, your receiving box is not big enough to receive it. So the transformation process is designed to get you a bigger box.

Next we want to talk about someone else who is also riding on the bus. It is the little boy or little girl that is riding on the lap of commitment. He or she is called "what makes me happy." Or we could call him or her "enough value." Or maybe even passion or love (conditional type) or affection or "what she or he REALLY likes." If commitment is a really good parent then commitment really listens to this little boy or this little girl and commits to giving what really makes the little boy or little girl happy.

If commitment is not such a great parent then commitment follows rules rather than this inner child’s happiness.

This inner child or happiness rides on the bus between the bus driver and commitment. Using this inner child is HOW you know what to commit to or not because both the bus driver and passengers can go in many different directions. This inner child’s happiness becomes the fundamental way for you to know which choices to make. As the child grows up, she goes from speaking her inner child’s happiness to her inner guided truth.

He or she says what she likes by letting Commitment know how valuable something is. If it is very valuable then there will be a very big commitment needed and then self-value (deserving) has to be high enough and self-worth (receiving) has to have a really big box. Then the work of transformation, which must be done to create the new reality, will feel good. The transformation work will feel "worth it" because there is enough potential happiness in the end result.

After the transformation work, energy (your money or someone else’s money) can flow into the bigger box to move things around consistent with the new reality.

Once the new reality is fully created the money must be there!

This is so true that you can use it in reverse, as in, "If the money is not there then the new reality is not ready to happen yet." And this enables you to really relax about money. This of course will bring up more fear since being relaxed relative to money is frightening for most people.

In both the inner child’s happiness and the inner guided truth there is a particular feeling we want to be able to consistently find and follow. When we set our intentions and make our commitments, and they are consistent with inner happiness and truth, then all of the other passengers get to feel that particular feeling. It is the feeling of "Ahh, this is/was worth it!"

If the inner child says that something makes it happy, but it is not the truth then other feelings (back in the transformation seats) get activated. Confusion and doubt start to speak up and so on.

Personal truth is like having a train conductor on the bus who keeps everything running smoothly. Personal truth makes a super smooth running bus. A super smooth running bus makes all of the passengers feel their joy and power. And when they all feel "joyfully empowered," then flow can board the bus!

Flow makes the whole bus ride and everyone on the bus feel "enlightened." And, consistent with how I previously defined enlightenment, flow makes the whole bus ride and everyone on the bus have the special feeling of wonder and have the special realization of the beautiful perfection in all things!

Some personal sharing.
It is for all of these reasons that I have talked about here that I have almost always offered my courses on a donations basis.

Of the many reasons, the first important one is to demonstrate and prove to myself how money belongs in the back of the bus by living my own wonderful life with virtually no thought or regard for my "income." Or for what the "price of a course or the price of my work" is.  As you can see, this is not the usual “business model." Business models are, of course, quite fine.  This is just to show that there are alternatives to it. Plus, one of my own personal desires was that no one be kept from doing my transformation work due to lack of money.

The way that it has worked in practice is for each person participating in a course to use the donation as a real life example of how to feel intent, happiness and commitment relative to spending money for something. Then to use these feelings to find and follow personal truth to give the amount of money that feels perfect.

As an example of what happened in one 10-day course. One person gave one hundred dollars. Three people gave around two hundred. One gave three hundred. One gave approximately five hundred. One committed to eight hundred with a "wish" to give another one thousand five hundred after that. One gave a commitment for one thousand. Another gave one thousand with a commitment for a couple thousand more. And another gave approximately eleven hundred. So let’s say that counting present and future the range was between one hundred and three thousand dollars. Additionally, there were also gifts and "energy gifts" of various services.

As I received the money from people, sometimes they had a little fear present or a little embarrassment present or some other feelings like sadness, resignation or enthusiasm. Regardless of the feelings that were present, all of these different amounts were the truth. All of these amounts "paid for the course." All of these amounts were given with wonderful thanks, appreciation and gratitude. If someone would have "paid for the course" with zero dollars, and there were some, and if it was his or her personal truth to "pay for it" with zero dollars, and it was, then that would be no different and it wasn’t!

Now from my point of view, since I have a commitment to live my personal truth and not look at the back of the bus (as best that I can at the moment) these greatly varying amounts that I receive provide something else. What that means is the variable amounts of money that I receive are an additional source of information for me.

If I receive more dollars, then that tells me there are more things to move around for more new realties to be energized in the present.  If I receive less dollars then that tells me there are less things to move around for less new realties to be energized in the present.

My basic intention, relative to money, is that my own personal giving and receiving of it follows the concepts of flow, synchronicity, grace and co-creation which are a bit more complex to get the feel of in daily life. When money is seated securely in the back of the bus then "flow" can board the bus.  Then, when the bus is nicely in flow "synchronicity" (which is the bus-stops) and "co-creation" (which includes the other buses) can board the bus. I define Grace as synchronicity plus a gift.  When all of these are on board your bus (or participating with your life!) then a most wondrous, enjoyable, satisfying and super smooth running money bus is the result!

The important piece is that, regardless of the actual amounts of money that I receive, since my intentions are clear and my commitments follow my happiness and personal truth, I am in my joy and I am in my power and I cannot lose, I cannot suffer and with regard to money, I cannot NOT be happy!

This is the heart of the reorganization and transformation of people’s experience relative to money that I wish everyone to have.

Think about money the same way that you think about electricity! It is "just energy." It is simple and useful as in small batteries. It is loud and dramatic as in lightening. It is everywhere. It is always there. It is always there in the exact amount that you need it and at the exact time that you need it and in the exact place that you need it. And when it comes to thinking about it, well, actually, you really don’t think about it!

Electricity is in the back of the bus too.

And you know what?  That beautiful new relationship that you want is in the back of the bus also.  Follow the same process for love or anything else as you do for money.  It’s just the way actualizing new realities works!

Thanks for listening.



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