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#1 2018-03-20 13:20:04

Greg Ehmka

Authenticity: Being Your Self

Authenticity: Being Your Self

Hi Everyone,

Pause a moment and take a look at the face of a young child in a good mood.  As you look at his or her face check and see if that beautiful, lovely, magical quality that we associate with children isn't, in fact, just that they are being themselves.

My working definition of authenticity or being authentic is:
"to speak, act and in all ways express one's self in such a way that one remains true to one's intentions."

Another way I like to say it is: "To be human is to be intending."

What do you think the child's intentions are?

When you try to understand why or why not any particular thing or experience is or is not in your life, the only answer that meets any and all criteria for truth and satisfaction is: "Because I/you intended it this way."

This, of course, presupposes having given up the 'blame game.' If (and it is a very big 'if') we have accepted that we are the sole designer, creator, architect, determiner etc. of our experiences here to the last detail then however it is, the good, the bad, the ugly, it was all done by the person sitting in our own chair.

One thing I have noticed in working with people is that even in the best cases where someone is totally willing to be self-responsible for a situation they do not give themselves the freedom to NOT LIKE IT!  You do NOT have to like what you created.

The bad news is that no matter how undesirable the situation may be you did it. But, the good news is if you did it THAT way then you can do it another way. You are not stuck with it.  And if we want it a different way then we are back to intentions again. If you DON'T want it this way, how DO you want it?

Another major problem is that people find it very difficult to accept responsibility for a situation if they cannot see HOW they did it. The answer again is that some intention, conscious, subconscious, unconscious or non-conscious was put forth and empowered to the point of manifestation.

This brings us to the difference between, let's say "ego or identity intentions" and YOUR intentions. They are not always the same. (Sometimes they are, like if you agree with your ego that your shoes should be tied or the laundry should be done or the car should have gas in it.)

Sometimes there is a conflict between your intent and your ego's intent. If the conflict is energized enough you will have some drama. If the conflicting intentions are only partially so then something more or less dramatic, weird or unusual can manifest as your "creator self" tries to make sense of the conflict and produces some strange compromise.

Do I have to be myself to know myself? Or know myself to be myself? This is an excellent kind of "chicken and egg," which comes first, question. They both rest on one of the fundamental questions of the ages, "Who or what am I?" This is the quest for self knowledge or the quest to "know thyself" or, as the channeled “Blue�  says, the quest to; "know your self, own your self."

Have you ever had the experience of watching yourself say or do something and then think, "Oh. that's not me!" Or thought, "That's not what I wanted to say." How did you know you were inconsistent? And what were you inconsistent to or with?

My recommendation is to explore the possibility that knowing your self is inseparable from knowing your intentions and that knowing your intentions is easier!

Why? Because if we listen to what, for example the channeled literature tells us we are (creator angels or something like that) and then we look in the morning, half awake in the mirror, at what we are, and then if we try to include the thousands upon thousands of books, opinions and philosophies all trying to answer the question of the ages "Who or what am I?" Then, any and all possible variations must be available to us and no single STATIC answer can hold them all.

So, how about a DYNAMIC answer?

Like: Who or what I am is at the very least a VARIABLE! And what does it/I vary with? My INTENTIONS!

Then, whether you look at your intentions and go forward to the experiences or look at your experiences and go backward to the intentions, either way "self realization" or realizing-of-self occurs and self knowledge results!

Kind of like; "Oh, so THAT is who I have been being!" Or, "Well, THAT isn't who I wanted to be."

Thanks for listening,



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