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#1 2017-01-26 03:10:02

Greg Ehmka

The Yogic Principle for Combining Tantric Turn-on with Erotic Turn-on

The Yogic Principle for Combining Tantric Turn-on with Erotic Turn-on

There is a funny one-liner about Tantra that goes: Life's too short for Tantric sex! Meaning, of course, that Tantric sex takes time, a lot of time.  And for some people that isn't of much interest. 

Just a short review if you are new to the concept.  There are basically two fundamental ways  of making love.  I usually refer to them as erotic sex and energy sex.  Sometimes they are called genital sex and Tantric sex.  More clinically, Wilhelm Reich referred to one's capacity for each as erectile potency and orgastic potency. More humorously, they've been called friction sex and takes too long sex.

There are two major characteristics that distinguish the two.  1) the amount of time that is taken for making love and 2) whether one is using the whole body to make love or only the genitals and perhaps a little bit of the other erogenous ones.   

Studies show that the amount of time normally  taken for erotic sex which generally ends with a genital type orgasm or energy dropping orgasm is usually only a few minutes about once a week.  If you include foreplay and after glow it might go up to 15 or 20 minutes per week.   In contrast, the amount of time normally taken for energy sex can be hours and several times per week and actually doesn't really have an end.  It is often characterized by full body or energy sustaining orgasms. 

Ok, end of review.

There is an old, simple, beautiful and extraordinary yogic principle that combines the two types of love making.   The two types of love making can be brought together and expressed at the same time or expressed alternately going back and forth from one to the other.  This old yogic principle uses the difference between what we can call similar touch or contact and dissimilar touch or contact.

Similar touch would be hands to hands, mouth or lips to mouth or lips, genitals to genitals, heart to heart, forehead to forehead, cheek to cheek, butt to butt or any part of the body touching or brought into contact with the same part of the body as your partner.   (if you really want to buzz around some energy with your partner try souls of the feet to souls of the feet.)

Dissimilar contact or touch would be, just as it says, bringing any part of the body in contact or touch to any other part of the body except that which is the same.   Hands, mouth or feet to the genitals are, of course, among the most common type of dissimilar touch.  Hands or feet to mouth, breasts, nipples, etc. are also common ways of dissimilar contact.   Genitals to just about anywhere uses this dissimilar touch idea.  Lips and tongue are interesting.  Lips to lips and tongue to tongue are similar, lips to tongue would be dissimilar.   Nose to nose is similar, nose to anywhere else is dissimilar and so on. 

The basic yogic principle is this:  Dissimilar touch brings forth an erotic turn-on and similar touch brings forth a Tantric or energy turn-on!   

An erotic turn-on is felt more as a passion or tension that desires release.  A Tantric turn-on is felt more like a sexual charisma or sexual radiance or warm yummy-ness through the whole body. 

The eyes are of special consideration.  Eyes to eyes or simply eye contact, which would be a similar  touch type of contact, when done during sex, is one of the most wonderful energy sex turn-ons that there is.  Eyes  to other parts of the body are one of the most erotic turn-ons that there is.  Arguably this is one of the most important attractions of strip tease, porn, erotic dancing etc.  The eyes are allowed to stare or really LOOK AT or are given permission to feast upon other parts of the body.  This is why you virtually never see eye contact in porn/erotic videos!  Eye contact will actually diminish the erotic turn on!

This is the next basic concept.  Similar touch diminishes erotic turn-on as it augments Tantric turn-on.   What is really happening there is that the erotic turn-on is being spread out to the whole body.  In the opposite way dissimilar touch diminishes Tantric turn-on as it augments erotic turn-on.  What is really happening there is the energy is brought away from the whole body and focused or concentrated toward the genitals.   

This basic principle relative to the eyes even extends to strip clubs.  If you watch the eyes of the guys watching the dancers virtually all of the guys are watching the dancer's tits, ass or pussy.  But if there is a guy who is watching the dancers eyes and face, which is possible but very unlikely, he is the one who is genuinely interested in Tantric love making.

Adding more dissimilar touch will bring more excitement to your Tantric love making.  Adding more similar touch will have your erotic love making last longer. 

To boil it down to a sound bite:  If you want to slow things down use similar touch.  If you want to speed things up use dissimilar touch.

Regardless of your preference for either erotic sex or Tantric sex, the artful use of both similar and dissimilar touch will bring you many more very enjoyable experiences. 

Thanks for listening,

love greg

if you would like to go further see:

Orgasm Intentions   Empowering the Tantrahan requires more love making time.  Making love longer requires reducing tension.  Reducing stress and tension requires transformation.  Transformation during sex requires intentions that are different then the ordinary ones.

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