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#1 2016-12-18 13:27:07

Greg Ehmka

Love Will Kick Your Ass

Love Will Kick Your Ass

Here is an extraordinary sharing by a super fast learner who was forced hard to understand what's really going on in a “love crisis”.  He is not speaking lightly when he says this work might have even saved his life.  This work has saved more than a few lives both literally i.e. physically and figuratively i.e. emotionally. 

It doesn't matter whether you are “receiving” the love and the issue is jealousy, abandonment, being left or if you are “giving” the love and it's “unreciprocated”, never “enough”, not “what you want” etc. including even hatred.   If there is any issue related to love at all, the bottom line, fundamental problem is always insufficient self-love. 

The hidden (hidden from yourself), grossly misunderstood ACTION of love is to push you to greater heights of passion, truth, beauty, compassion and goodness.   The more you resist being moved to these heights the more love will kick your ass. 

This action of love is not limited to relationships.  Is there something that you deeply and profoundly desire that you do not have?  If so then you are not giving it to yourself.   And if you are not giving yourself something that is so important to you then you are not loving yourself enough. 

It really is that simple even though the difficulty may be unbelievably terrible and challenge you to the very core of your being.

much love always, greg

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