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#1 2008-09-02 22:59:40

Greg Ehmka

Unbending Intent: Advanced work from "Us."

Unbending Intent: Advanced work from "Us."

August 22nd, 2008, 10:37 PM

Ok now, for a more personal, perhaps less public connection, meaning likely less general interest, we will do a less than usual thing.  Here we can go to a place of more resistance. That is to say a stronger conductivity within by virtue of greater strength in yourself to “resist” without, the outer. 

Given this new strength there is much to do starting with a certain benevolent distraction of , again, love.  There is a love of which you know so not very much.  That is understandable.  It has not been experienced yet by you in the current form.  The talk of “mystic” by Hatonn is of the light, the still infinite light yet there is more, much more.  The heat or rather the warmth of love.  That is the source of drying wet blankets by body heat alone in the frigid mountains, yes love.  With this love the mountain is not only moved but warmed and actually becomes quite pleasant.  The fire yogi does the same in opposite measure, he cools the fire and sustains no burns.  The great and indispensable love that this is will become your true abiding place when and yes, if, you can measure up. 

Here the challenge is much greater than before as we spoke of challenges.  That is because there is a way or point beyond ‘normal’ soul growth that includes a bit of heresy, so to speak, the heresy is so grand a scale of magnificent self being that arrogance or worse results with any shred of self importance or better said lack of authenticity.  How else to see the angels and archangels so magnificent than to also see yourself so?  Who are you really?   The answer lies beyond a known destiny yet know it you must.

How to know an unknowable destiny?  It is not unknowable.  That is yet so beyond your present comprehension that thinking of it almost surely results in resignation.  The answer, love outwardly to gain mastery inwardly.  Passion and compassion once again but with immeasurably greater intensity.

How to conceive of this without inherent thoughts of harshness?  How indeed can intense heat or warmth not result in burning?  Start with that paradox and observe the sun, a blazing sun and a sunny day all at once.  It is not distance that makes the difference.  Sunlight takes only eight minutes to get here.  Breadth of character makes some of the difference.  How truly “broad’ can you become?  What DOES that mean?  Stretch.  What does THAT mean?

Does the blade of grass REALLY break through the cement to reach the sun? Well, it probably depends on the blade of grass!  Do you think that blade of grass perceives the cement as an obstacle?  Not so.  The blade of grass perceives NOT the cement!  Does the blade of grass perceive the cement as moist soft fertile soil?  What DOES that blade of grass perceive?

You already know that “reality” is linguistically determined now take a step closer to the source of reality.  Perception is “pre-reality.”  What did Don Juan mean when he said “perception is assembled?”  And what is “unbending intent?”

For sure, at least, unbending intent utterly and easily “resists” the tonal.  But not like magic, like love.  Not AGAINST the tonal, FOR the nagual.  How to love the nagual especially when it is perceived as so frightening?  Well you already know that fear is an interpretation of danger!  That is too late!  Reality has ALREADY been determined before that “danger” is perceived!

Who said aggression exists?  You did.  Where is “aggression” AS perception is is being assembled?  Yes, ALREADY in your inventory.  Who put it there?  You did.  How do you get it out?  You don’t.  Don’t preselect it.  How?  Select something else from inventory!  What?  Love equal in intensity to the danger!

How to preselect that?  Unbending intent!

This is where the gigantic clap of thunder underneath your desk, if you are lucky enough to get it, HELPS you!  Shock is your ally if you are fluid enough.  Otherwise it may kill you.  Welcome shock and use it to force yourself to preselect something else from inventory.  Hint:  It is impossible with hardness.  It is only possible with softness.  Let love soften you.  Yes, let love kill you.  You are already dead without it anyway.

How to combine unbending intent with the fluidity of intense love?  Unbending intent!  You cannot escape unbending intent as the source all that is your life.  Tonal or nagual.

Unbending intent for unbending intent?  Yes.  Unbending intent for unbending love?  Yes.  Can you do it without shouting at yourself?  Yes.  Unbending intent.  Who are you really? 

Silent unbending intent?  I am.

Infinite translucent space of love?  We are.

Kundalini rising?  You are.

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