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#1 2008-07-17 06:30:19

Greg Ehmka

True Being and Ego

Here is a very good email exchange that explores how to move from identifying with your Ego to identifying with real Being. ..greg

I am in Europe. I found your email address in a book talking about Kryeon.

For a long time, I have been thinking that the world was going to be over soon and that it was not worthy to invest into it. Many times, I read about 2012 ...

I was a lawyer and I became a psychotherapist and a coach to further the long inside work.  I feel that I have something to bring to this world but I am not really sure what that will be.  I still have many hesitations.  On the other hand, I can see there are 
many things to do and many directions to take.

I read that the fear of the future left you. I would be grateful if you could talk with me how you see the future on this planet.

Thanks,  H.

Hi H,

Thank you for writing!

Yes, we can talk about these things.  There are two aspects.  One is the personal side and one is the world side.  I am very confidant that the world will very soon go through some very big and difficult changes but on the other side there will be a wonderful new "Golden Age of the Earth."  Kryon says that the earth is going into "graduate status' and that we will all be creating many wonderful things.

On the personal side, fear of the future and other fears can be cleared through "emotional clearing."  This is the kind of work that I do with people and that I do in my courses and workshops.  I can show you how to do this if it becomes something that you are interested in.

Part of the personal work, in addition to emotional clearing, is to also find one's "life purpose."  i am sure it is very true that you have great things to give to the earth. 

One of the big pieces is love.  Love for your life and loving your work.  Love for the earth and her people.  and the biggest one... self love.

Emotional clearing helps move the sadness and the fear and so on out of the way so that we can experience bigger love.

We can talk about whatever you like.

thanks, much love ... greg

Hello Greg !

A big hug from Europe.

Thank you for your answer.  When I received it, I could not understand it from my inside.  I had important internal understandings in June and it is more clear to me now.

For 10 years, I have been working on my past (included past lives).  Every part of my past was analysed and "understood".  However, I was not feeling better, that became even worse these last months ...

Last week, I heard a conference given by Eckart Tollé, an awaked man who becomes more and more known. He says that the past is dead memory and it is part of the Ego. Also that real Being is outside ego. So far, I have completely been identified as being the result of my past and being my past.

I understood that my way was not the good one: I was trying to work on something I was completely identified with.  Since I understood that, I now feel much better.

I think my way of working with people is going to change very much. I now have doubt that therapy can really help if it only works on the past ... I still need more light about it ...  As regard myself, it, at least, helps me to understand what ego really is ...

I agree with you about emotional clearing, discovering life purpose and love.
Except meditation and Gestalt approach (which welcomes the emotions when they come), I do not know if I have the right tools to clear emotions.  If you have some, I will be interested to hear about them.  I like your website very much.

Thanks to you Greg,  H

Hello H!

Thank you!  A big hug to you from Texas where I am right now! 

It is correct that therapy most of the time does not make changes in the life or the feelings or support intentions or the fulfillment of desires.  Only transformation can do this.  I use the word transformation to emphasize that change must be made. One of the things I tell people is:

"If you want to make important changes in your life then you must begin by making important changes in yourself."

I can show you all of the tools to do these things.

I have heard of Eckart Tolle but I have no experience of him.  His book title says  "the power of now."  That is correct and good.  The way that I say it is:  "Power is in the present, not in the past or future." 

It is also true that real Being is outside of the Ego.  The problem is that people do not know how to get outside the Ego and this is where emotions become important.

To get outside of the Ego or Identity you must feel yourself as a different Being and not as an Ego or Identity.  This means feelings of course.  But the problem is that if a person starts the process of feeling then ALL of the feelings will come present.  The anger, pain, love, sadness, fear, excitement, enthusiasm disappointment, disgust and so on in addition to the feelings of being a different Being.

All of these feelings and emotions must be sorted through and shared with others or expressed or cleared or processed and that sorting also allows you to feel many other great things like the feelings of creativity and truth and freedom and so on.

As the feelings are brought to the surface for processing they must be held within an intention like an intention for love or good relationship sex or success or health or others.  And these intentions and emotional processing can be supported and assisted by one's inner guidance connection.  The inner guidance connection should be clear and reliable.

Then these three tools; intention, emotional clearing and processing and inner guidance can be brought to use on other things like deeper healing,Tantric spiritual sex, enlightenment and artistic creativity, money and so on.

These are the things that I show people how to do in my groups and in one-on-one work.

The important thing is people must want to change themselves.  Nothing happens if there is no desire for change. 

The other problem is that people often want their life to change but they do want to change themselves!  :-)  This does not work because the two must go together.  A person and a life are not able to be separated.  If you change your life then you must change your self and if you change your self then your life changes.

It is easier to change the self first.  Trying to change the life first is much harder.  Again that is why emotions are so important because when people have big emotional experiences they FEEL that their life has changed!  Working to feel on the inside is easier than working to change life on the outside.

Being completely identified with the past is normal.  It is also very normal and a problem for people to identify with the future! :-)  People who identify with the past usually feel heavy or feel grief or sadness.  People who identify with the future usually feel fearful or anxious and feel very busy....

That is why it takes work to begin identifying with the present, the now. But wonderful things happen that make this work worthwhile and inspiring.

much love,

Contact: him @



#2 2008-07-30 22:09:31

Greg Ehmka

Re: True Being and Ego

Almost everyone works on increasing prosperity levels.  Sometimes, as most know, the feelings, frustration or even depression can get get extremely intense.  The good news is that no matter how bad it gets the basic principles work the same way.  I.e. transform the Ego be using the inherent power of true being in the present...... greg

Hello Greg,

I'm writing because I totally don't know where to go with this money stuff anymore.

I'm pretty confronted with money right now.  Being in debt is so draining.  I think about it almost every day and it's painful, but I don't know what to do with this, how to move this.  Debt feels very heavy.

I've tried so many money intentions but they just don't seem to "work".  I'm feeling at a loss with all of this.  It's been reflected back to me as a limitation, which it so is.

I'm so sick of hearing or seeing a price and cringing and totally going into a process of convincing myself I don't need whatever it was that I wanted because the price was too much anyway.  It's total horseshit.

I go into the process of figuring out where I'm going to get that money and get so overwhelmed I often give up.  My money receiving is still based on what I have to do to get it. I have a hard time even beginning to see past this way.

I get upset because I owe my other friends money and I just hate that.

I hate that I still haven't been able to pay you especially because I honor you and what you do and teach and stand for.   I feel how incredible and intense your workshops are and you are and I get the energy exchange monetarily.  I hate that I haven't been able to pay so far because to me debt seems unappreciative.

Hmm, maybe this has to do with self appreciation?  I'm not too sure.

It also feels like taking to me and so I get this anxiety of when can I give back.  I don't like the feeling of imbalance in energy exchange and that's what I feel now.  It's devastating and feels like it's eating away at me.   I really do feel like being able to pay what I owe to those I owe it to will be a huge step for me.
Debt is holding me back from amazing discoveries and receiving, I feel it and it sucks.  And worst of all it's holding me back from knowledge.  Which is my life.  There's so much I want to know and experience, but this limitation keeps those doors closed.  I don't like that.

I feel like I'm clawing for the sky but there's my debt from years, and years even.  All of it personified in black/red demons just pulling me back down into my own personal hell.  This exaggeration I would find humorous if it wasn't indeed what I envision when I think of debt.

There's a lot of sadness there, but I don't know what the intention is to get to where I can start paying back.  I set the intention to be debt free, but somehow that only seems like part of it or "not enough".

When I envision being able to pay back it's always this extravagant fantasy. My "when I'm rich and famous" story.

When I start to think of money all I get is this crappy feeling in my stomach and finally "ugh" and sometimes the beginnings of a headache.  I'm always searching for where and how I'm going to make the money then I get depressed.  I don't know how to get past that process.

Please help.

Hi  L.F.

First of course is, don't stress, meaning, as best you can, no self make wrong, no fearful future, no letting the mind run wild with disempowering scenarios.

Then, there is only one way to sustain a higher prosperity level and that is through making yourself a larger "opening" for receiving.  To make your SELF into a larger receiving "box/container."  And, the only way to do that is to raise self value, self appreciation, self esteem, self love etc.  and the only way to do that is to clear out the old pains and sadness they are weighing the self value down to poverty levels.

So you already have the first part, setting intentions.  You experience that they "don't work" (very common, people set "goals" constantly and nothing happens.) because you have to move to the second part; "What's present?"  And "move energy."

In general the majority of "processing time" needs to be spent in this second part, the movement of energy.  This is the part that people are not aware of and/or not practiced in.  Most people spend the majority of time in the first part, wanting, wishing, hoping, imagining, visualizing etc.  But, that is only half of the process. 

Technically speaking the first part calls in energy and the second part uses that energy to change you and thus change your life.  Once that energy is "called in" it must be allowed to act on the Ego and transform it.  This is the part that people are either unaware of or resist or disbelieve. 

It is important to have a clear statement of intent and hold that intention.  This "calls in" the transforming energy and THEN the power is in staying present and moving whatever becomes activated within you.  The true power is in being present and clearing what comes present, what becomes activated.

The Abrahanm channel says about this that "If you don't allow the energy to change you then your body takes a beating."

So as you move through your day stay with: "ok, what's present about whatever you are intending" and keep speaking the voices, acknowledging the pictures, feeling the body sensations and expressing the emotions.  Stay right there in the groove of inquiry as to WHAT is present and then express it. Slowly but surely you will move (transform) the "old" identity structures that are smashing down your self value and forcing you to live at low prosperity levels.

Now, in the mean time you can also do something else.  There is a second project that you can run parallel to the first one.

Remember the "Rolling Stones" song:  "You can't always get what you want .... but .... you get what you need!"  ??

Well, there is a fabulous operating process in the universe that does this. The universe gives you what you need.  (One of the real meanings behind ... "Give us this day our daily bread.")  But the trick is to convince your Ego that you NEED something.  Currently as you look at price tags you, yourself, are actually doing the exact opposite!  That is, convincing yourself that you DON'T need something!   

This is exactly the wrong direction!  This way, you are actually using your "true being" to convince your Ego to give you less!!

If you, your true being, can convince or persuade or cooperate with your identity/ego that you MUST HAVE a particular thing!  Then the identity/Ego WILL find a way to give it to you.  The key word is "sustenance" i.e. what sustains you.

THAT'S how you handle things short term while you build self value long term. So you have the two simultaneous projects.  The long term raising of self value and the short term convincing of your Ego that you must be "sustained."  The Ego will respond to what sustains you if it knows you are serious.  It will also know if you are half-hearted, kidding or disbelieving yourself so it will then just ignore you.

What helps is to notice how you actually HAVE already been sustained for many years and truthfully you don't really have any idea of how that happens month to month, right?!  :-)    It just happens.  You are not starving, homeless, dirty, wet and exhausted.  You are actually quite fine.  The pain that you experience is in missing the next levels up in "enjoyable prosperity" not the "sustaining levels" of prosperity.

The next part is to not get stuck thinking that you must have MONEY to get what sustains you..  (See: "The Money Bus" article) There are many many ways that the universe can give you what you need.  Stay loose and it is actually better to forget about the money itself and forget about HOW things will come. Stay focused on the exact thing that you want.

much love…. Greg

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