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#1 2007-12-31 21:50:08

Greg Ehmka

Mr. Af's Dilemma - a parable.

Mr. Af's Dilemma

Once upon a time, there was a family in an African village, a man, Mr. Af, a woman and their 3 kids.  Life is ok but certainly not great.  One day two men coming from diffferent directions came to talk with the man.  One was Mr. Ehmka and the other was Mr. Rothschild.

Mr. Emka and Mr. Rothschild are both talking to the man long, loud, fast and at the same time.  Mr. Af just wants a better life for his family and senses that Mr. E and Mr. R at least know something about how things can change so he tries to listen and sort it all out.

Mr. E is going on about the Earth, the great spirit and the Galactic Federation and Mr. R is going on about which other tribes are threatening his family, how the Pope is God and the Great spirit's real name is Anunaki.

Mr Af hasn't any idea about any of it but some little things seem to make sense with each of them.  What is upper most in his mind is, of course what's best for his family.  So all he really cares about is what he should DO.

Mr E tells him to go inside and Mr. R tels him to go outside.  Mr. Af is further confused because at least he is smart enough to knows you have to do both from time to time.

Now what Mr. E and Mr. R are both acutely aware of is that "reality" on planet Earth is a CO-creative process. And to create together means to agree on what's to be done.  Whereever there is disagreement, there be will some sort of contrdiction.

E and R also both know that on planet earth every single person has a vote on what the reality shall be.  No ne has less than one vote and no one has more.  So if Mr Af and his family go with E it is 6 to 1 against R and planet earth's co-created reality will look pretty much the way E thinks it should look.  Mr. R knows the same thing.  That is why E and R don't bother talking with each other but bother very much with talking to Mr. Af and his family.

Mr. Af's intentions and commitments are very local.  E's and R's intentions and commitments are very global.  After Mr. Af makes his choice E and R will move to the next person or family that has started to ask questions.

E tells Mr. Af relax, trust God and Gaia, meditate, make love learn about things and everything will naturally improve.  Mr. Af doesn't really get it.  How should anything happen if I don't do anything, he asks?

R tells Mr. Af the other tribes have what he wants, there's not enough good stuff on the earth anyway so he has to get it from the other tribes either by force or negotiation or both.  Mr. Af doesn't really get that either, why argue and fight, he asks?

Globally, E and R know Earth is one of the few planets of free choice and how can there be a choice if you don't have contrasting and clear alternatives to choose from?  Locally, Mr. Af sees animals and people both killing each other AND playing with each other.  Hmm, he thinks, no help there, what do I do?

R says well I got to go, I'll send you some Catholic priests to help you.   E says I invite you to go talk with the Medicine Man deep in the jungle.  He will help you and E and R both leave.  Mr. Af has no idea that depending on what he chooses  it will be 6 to 1 creating reality but he tries to do his best and diligently talks to the Medicine Man and listens to the priests.

Mr. E writes a book called: "Invitation to Spirit" and Mr. R successfully sells a gun to a family in the next village.  The man with the gun comes to Mr. Af and says; "Are you with us or against us?"  Mr. Af listens to the man and then looks at the symbols in E's book and agrees we are all one and is consequently more perplexed than ever.

The Catholic priests are standing behind the man with the gun and the Medicine Man visits and walks through the village smiling.  The priests grow more impatient and the Medicine Man hands him a flower and blesses him.

The priests baptize him, hand him a gun and say he is not alone, there are many large villages working together to negotiate or, if necessary, fight with the enemies.  The Medicine Man invites him and his family to live deep in the very dangerous jungle.  He says there are one or two other families there.

That night Mr. Af's hut mysteriously catches fire and burns down, luckily no one is hurt.  The priests tell him "There see, the fighting has begun, the enemies burned your house down, come with us."  The Medicine Man tells him, "Well, yes, there ARE many tigers, cobras and poisonous plants in the deep jungle but they are a mirror reflection of yourself."

Mr. Af knows he MUST choose and looks at the priest who says; "Of course you should come with us."  ..and then Mr.Af looks at the Medicine Man who smiles and says "Choose whichever you like, all is one." The man with the gun aims it at the Medicine Man and fires.  The Medicine Man disappears, no dead body, no living body......  Mr. Af knows he had better choose now while he still can and while he still HAS a choice.
Two morals to the story.  1) If you don't have intentions and commitments of your own, you WILL, one way or another, adopt someone else's and 2) Whatever you choose matters 6 to 1.  :-)



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