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#1 2007-03-12 04:26:58

Greg Ehmka

On the 10-Day Course.

...coming soon..

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#2 2007-03-12 05:07:36

Greg Ehmka

Re: On the 10-Day Course.

Summary of the ten day course.

The ten day course is about phase one of the Master Game, living a life that you love.  Quite literally it gives you everything needed to make your life one that is more or less continuously happy and more or less always consistent with your personal truth.

This means your happiness and your truth.  Not whatever  makes Greg or anyone else happy and not whatever is Greg's or anyone else's truth.

And that in turn,  means your life will be guided by joy and the personal power to do whatever it is  that you wish to do.  This is not easy and thus The Master Game (TMG) begins. 

The 10-Day Course demonstrates and then has you experience how to live and express a) clear intentionality, b) the transformational power of emotion and c) a detailed and reliable guidance from within.

There are three useful quotes about intent.

From Don Juan through Carlos:  "Intent is being both the convincer and the convinced."
From the Kryon channel:  "Intent is the king of earthly existence."
From Greg:  "To be human is to be intending."

The transformative power of emotion is nothing less then the power to alter reality.  An intention is fulfilled by transforming yourself from that which lives the current reality to that which lives the intended reality.  You transform into a different human being and therefore, through the "mirror reflection of self" principle, manifest a different life. Both the new self and the new life are consistent with and a result of the previously stated intention made while living the old self in the old life.

Reliable and detailed inner guidance along with personal truth are confirmed through feelings.  Truth, for example, has a very precise inner feeling.  Before you can use this however, you must first be able to feel and then sort out all of the feelings clamoring for attention.

The introduction, full body experience and practice of these three foundations are the beginning of the 10-Day Course and the beginning of The Master Game.

The course continues with:

- A deepening of the awareness of emotional power through processes like the anger dance and the fear dance. 
- Another striking quality: A perfect balance between a riotous sense of humor and the deepest compassion is held  throughout.
- Your beginning to separate from your ego/identify and slowly begin to understand that the ego is simply a machine, software for the body, that  you, yourself, invented and programmed and you, yourself will debug and reprogram. 
- Slowly, painstakingly starting to build a brand new type of partnership between you and your ego.  One in which you, not your ego, leads and all the while deepening the knowing of the truth that: 

        “If it wasn’t so tragic it would be hilarious.

A master knows and lives this implicitly.  At any instant being completely ready to laugh. play and celebrate or work to exhaustion alleviating pain, suffering and the denial of love.  This is fully living the two halves of balanced love.  The greatest passion simultaneously with the greatest compassion.

As the old foundation of the identity begins to be replaced with the new one, the course then moves to the “application” phase.  What has just been acquired is applied to arguably the three toughest areas of human experience; healing, sex and money.

You also begin to know the ego’s exact relationship to time.  The ego does not live in the present.  You do. You do not live in the past or future, your ego does.  As you begin to lead the relationship between you and your ego the present expands to eternity and the past and future shrink into nothing.  Then all pasts and all futures exist in the eternal “now."  Ultimately, The Master Game includes mastering time.

It would not be an oversimplification to assert that:

1) Healing is a function of completing, changing and transforming the past and thereby freeing its blocked energy.
2) Sex is a function of expanding the present to that point and beyond in which you can fearlessly yet vulnerably share your self with complete intimacy and self disclosure.
3) Money is a function of a crystal clear intention and determination of how energy shall flow in the future.

The ten day course has been likened to “super hero training” or a working and practice conference of “The X-men.”  This may be exactly how we would like our present day Masters to be!   And so, youth, longevity and immortality become intentions as well.

For a lot more detail see:  The Ten Day Course Description.

Some recent Q&A

I was asked recently some very good questions.

From a recent email

Greg, what is your special gift?? How are you able to help people see a way out of their problems?

Also, you mentioned that your workshop is by donation "for fist timers", by this do I take it that this is on going? How does one reach Mastery? You mentioned years, and decades. All the while taking courses?

First, My special gift would be that I am able to show people how to move energy. First the energy of intent which is simple but takes getting used to for most people. What that means is that the energy of intent must be directed FOR something and not AGAINST anything plus a few other principles.

Next is emotional energy and this is of course the big one. How to access and clear old stuck hurts, grief, anger, fears and so on. Also how to express all of the feelings in the "present" including love and joy and happiness.

Next is the energy of inner guidance. This is felt in the body as a continuing flow of "involuntary" impulses for movement rather then the usual "voluntary" impulses for movement.

When you have good access to these three and are more or less able to apply them effectively to self healing, healing support of others, intimacy and sexual sharing, your own answers to questions for guidance, your creativity and so on then you don't need any more courses.

There is a little more work to consistently connect to kundalini energy (See: KIS process in the articles index) and then be able to go back and forth between inner guidance and kundalini practice. Then you can self-generate your ascension process on an on-going basis.

Second, the way out of peoples problems is through "transformation of the identity or ego" The basic idea is that your life is a mirror reflection of you. Change yourself and you automatically change your life. Clear or move blocked energy in your self (body) and you clear a problem in your life. Clearing the blocked energy is the same as moving the energy.

Third, The donation for first timers is according to one's own personal truth. At the end of the course there is a process which also uses inner guidance about authentic giving. (The "Giveehan" in Abundance and The Money Bus article

For people repeating the course I set a minimum donation. This is because after the first time through people have to "bring more of themselves" to the course, meaning a stronger intention for self change or a stronger commitment for moving energy. I don't make people do anything at all. Everything about my courses is more or less an "invitation" and so most of the time (not always) after a person "knows" what is going on money is like a support and just helps peoples commitment which really means just being sure they want to be there.

And fourth, the years and decades to move closer and closer to Mastery is simply because there is a LOT of energy to move! It is totally worth it but there is much work to do.

You will find that it is worth it every little step of the way. Problems slowly but surely disappear, the body slowly but surely heals everythingespecially relating. Ecstasy, sexual joy and enlightenment slowly but surely grow. And, as I said, when you can move these energies pretty well by yourself and/or with a partner you don't need any more courses.

Some have been doing this work for nine or ten years and are now at the place of being able to completely self-generate everything that I have showed them. On occasion some have simply pronounced themselves "graduated" and, most often, I agree. (not that they needed my agreement either.) It can go much faster now simply because I was also developing the work over the last ten years. But in terms of courses I would say maybe one per year until you pronounce yourself graduated..

It is my goal to have the whole thing in one 22 day course. That could be repeated but my point is that relative to learning from me or ANY teacher there is definitely a clearly defined "graduation point" and then you are on your own, with support of course, as to how much, how fast, how far you would actually go.

People can take as little or as much of The Master Game as they like. Not everyone wants to go "the distance."

My intention is to show people HOW to play the Master Game and make sure they are empowered for as much of it as they choose. After that, it's up to each individually.

The heart of it all is your inner guidance connection.  The balanced, continuous wonderful partnership with the “you" that is here and the “you” on the other side of the veil. A huge part of the work is clearing out thoughts and feelings that "crowd out" your inner guidance impulses. This is why we begin with clear intention energy and clearing emotions. So that you are clear and available for inner guidance to "get through to you!"

When you feel and follow inner guidance strongly enough then you can do very beautiful things in healing, especially self healing where you can feel exactly what is happening in your body, also your creativity, whether it is with people, art, science, business etc., also in making love, where you "just know" exactly what to do all of the time to feel the best feelings.

This grows to seeing or feeling the other dimensions and seeing or hearing your own “interdimensional partners."

This all includes  expressing your own special genius which everyone has.

Another note: These are the things that use the other 85% of your brain.

From another recent email:

I have a question about sexuality as it relates to the course you teach, but don't know how or what to ask. I guess I would start by asking you what is involved and go from there.

Ramtha says about sex that he never spilled his seed while he was incarnated in his one life on earth and also in "Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol 2" the old guy died and after being resurrected he said that "if man knew that every time he spilled his seed a little bit of him died ......etc." and I wanted to ask you what your thoughts were on sex.

Ramtha also said that our “crazy” sexuality came from the apes who's genes were used along with the genes from the gods to make us. He said the missing link will never be found because we were genetically engineered etc.

It is my understanding also that the "missing link" will never be found for exactly the same reason, that part of our DNA is from the "apes" and part from the "stars," most likely the Pleadians. So I completely agree with Ramtha on this.

Next, I find it hard to believe that he didn't ejaculate once for a whole life time.

If so, I would ask:

a) Did he not create any children?

b) Did he not share that way with any women that he loved? (Ejaculating when a woman that you love is on her period for example and thus mixing the semen and blood is a wonderful sharing of energy that is in one of the Pleadian books.) It is my assertion that these kinds of sharing sexual energy and love certainly do not make you lose energy.

c) The testicles do not stop producing semen under any circumstances and so unless he was a Master to the level of altering his biology to this extent, what happened to the semen? my understanding (and my experience) is that either the semen will leave the body in "wet dreams" or it will empty into the urinary tract or bladder to be expelled by urination.  If this is true then we might need a discussion of the exact  meaning of "spilling."

d) Why would he deprive himself of the pleasure of ejaculating? If so, maybe he was rather angry and that is what made him somewhat warlike and why he may have been murdered. (As I read.)

Many of the same questions would apply to the guy in "Masters of ..."

Ok, so my resolution of all of these questions is that these two men were not actually talking about semen but about energy!  We could talk for hours about ejaculation control which I do teach guys about and what I call "orgasm intentions" for women which is very useful.

But the point here, I think, is for both men and women to be able to have what I call "energy sustaining orgasms." And then in addition to that be able to have "normal" orgasms and use them when you like for emotional clearing. THEN you have the best of all possible worlds.

This is all in line and a part of the general idea of “moving energy.”

So the point is to be able to move, in addition to all of the other types of energy, sexual energy as well. And the primary “direction" for sexual energy is upward and through the entire body rather then just "down and out" as is normally down.  The down and out direction may be exactly what IS desired for making babies.

Next, there are two processes in the course that use sexual energy. The first is the  "receiveehan," playfully named for the inner guided practice of  receiving the good things in life.  This a practice for women in GIVING sexual energy to men and men in RECEIVING it from women.

Believe it or not the primary purpose for this is about prosperity and money. And I will. explain everything about how they go together. That being primarily, the extraordinarily close tie between money and self value. Plus, the idea that the better you feel the higher your self value and the thus the more able to receive money..

The "receiveehan” process is NOT about making love or even "sharing" sexual energy. And it does not really involve touching, except that the women are more free to touch the men if they like but the men are not allowed to touch, only to receive energy.

It is quite challenging for the women (they can get very angry) and for the men (they are actually quite clueless if they can't grab or take energy from women with their hands.  In addition men have FAR more fear of intimacy then they are generally aware of.) So you could say that this process is really more about owning and expressing and feeling ONE'S OWN sexual charisma and then being able to appreciate and receive the energetic sexual charisma of others.

The second process is the "Tantrahan." This IS done with a partner and people can and do make love in it. By the time we get to it (8 days later on Friday) people will all know their truth about the whole thing. a) whether to do it or not, b) with whom, a partner, a group, solo... c) what it means for each personally to share sexual energy along with emotional clearing and inner guidance.  The sharing of sexual energy can be anything and everything.  It rests on authentic clear agreements.

I show a 40 minute video of myself and a wonderful woman who I've known many years about how this all comes together.  On some occasions, depending of course on many things, I have demonstrated it live for the whole group to watch. The usual response is how amazingly inspiring it is and how people had no idea making love could be this way.

The purpose of the Tantrahan is to experience what is usually not available or possible for people and whoever wants to can have some practice in bringing it all together. What comes together is true intimacy, spiritual inner guidance and the sharing of sexual energy. The results can be incredible. 

This work is particularly good at creating soulmate relationships. I could go on and on.

Here are some  examples: One couple met in one course, did the Tantrahan together, fell totally in love and were married in the next course. We actually had their wedding as part of the course. Another couple totally rejuvenated their 20-25 year marriage and began making love more often then ever. An yet another couple had a beautiful experience together in the course but it was "the beginning of the end" for their marriage. They broke up soon after and a year and a half later still remained close friends while each began a new soulmate relationship with a new person.  This is a very difficult concept for people, thet there can be a truth to the movement from one loving soul mate relationship to the next.

Going back to the course, in the unlikely event that no one wanted to do the Tantrahan inside of the course then we wouldn't do it. I would just show the video, people could practice at home and we would replace the Tantrahan with other things.

There are really no rules in my courses.  That is because people are learning to know and follow their own truth with the large things and the small things alike.  People can fall asleep in my courses, take breaks or eat snacks whenever they decide, go and make a telephone call, leave the current session to talk with someone else etc.  The context is “taking action based on one’s own knowing of personal truth. “

This is necessary. How can you move toward being a Master and not be guided totally from within?

If you would like to be on the mailing list for 10-day courses contact greg:[/b] Thanks!

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