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#1 2007-01-13 00:35:15

Greg Ehmka

Greg's Newsletter Sharings

Greg's sharing and Course Info....... 00607

Hi Everyone,

This is an initial mailing and the list is just being created so of course there will be errors.  Feel free to write and say hi, correct addresses, let me know of interested others  or use the subscribe or unsubscribe features as you like.

In this email, I want to:
a) share about results, especially relative to relationships
b) share about my own relationships,
c) provide some info about the courses and
d) the latest flyer is at the bottom. 



Many of you know my commitment to results. No matter how great or how much fun the courses are, (which they are!) come Monday morning something needs to be changed or we didn't really do enough work.

Come Monday morning what's changed?  What's different in terms of the intentions that were set and worked on.  Whatever you were working on, money, sex, power, health, body, creativity, enlightenment,. I always want to know "how well it worked."

The purposes of the courses are to "empower you in YOUR life." So that is where the results must be measured.

There are plenty of stories of great results in all areas.  Fantastic weight loss, money and creativity projects open up and get resolved..  Huge family issues like "tough" friction with mothers or teenagers get resolved.  Long standing addictions, body pain or stress diminishes and even "terminal" illnesses get impacted.  This work "transformation of the identity (ego)" is quick and powerful and not necessarily easy.

One of the more beautiful and arguably most important areas is relating.  Nothing seems to make for fulfilment and satisfaction in life without a working intimate relationship of some form.

And nicely enough, this transformation work is at it's best and fastest when it comes to love and intimacy.  Ben and Christianna met in last February's LA course, they were partners in the Tantrahan.  Dove in, fell in love and were MARRIED in the June course.  We had the wedding Saturday night right in the middle of the course.  I even gave away the bride. Total fun.  They are doing great.

That is a delightful and dramatic example but by no means unique.  I can give you a dozen stories of  participants manifesting deep, quick "soul mate" relationships.  Sometimes the current soul mate relationship has to end before the next one can come in and that can be tough but the truth, your truth, will always set you free.

Also, just as wonderfully, that truth may be a genuine and fantastic breakthrough in the current soul mate relationship!  And THEN the sexual energy can get released big time!  So the challenge is to step into the work and into the "personal unknown" and find the relevant truths waiting to be lived.

What makes the difference in all of these areas?  Intention and sharing.

My Own Tantric Beloved's

Arguably, I wouldn't be able to facilitate these many wonderful relationships for others if I weren't able to do it for myself. And very fortunately, that is true.  It is often amazing to me that I have been and still am blessed with the gift of being able to relate intimately with so many incredible women. It is an area of great abundance and joy for me.   

The forms are many and varied.  There exists deep love and intimacy with some that has been going on for 7, 8, or 9 years.  Some have lasted a matter of months or weeks. Some end, of course, in chaos and upset while others pass to a space of deep appreciation and friendship even though distant. Many are still partners in on-going life-long spiritual transformation. There have been 24/7's as well as infrequently scheduled visits, some in the context of powerful tantric sexual energy/healing work, a few playful and non-sexual. For, actually many, I am a "transition guy" and the next "soul mate relationship" arrives rather quickly after the wonderful sharing and others remain in the open relating paradigm. Some find their way to the next great relationship with just a little facilitation.

And just to be clear, this is no silly "gallery of greg's girlfriends!"  :-)   But rather, an extraordinary network of growth in love and empowered intimate relating. Every woman has had, has now or will have as many other relationships of any form as desired.  The context is open relating, or "poly" if you prefer, in the most complete sense of the term.  Which for me, means complete freedom of spirit, sexual magnetism, personal truth and complete freedom of the heart.  The challenges are huge but the growth is fast.

There are two real keys to making this work:
a) Self-knowledge, to know your own most authentic form of relating.
b) To not pretend you are something that you are not and not make your self wrong for being who you are!

Interestingly enough I never had the intention of open relating until it became TOO obvious.  I just observed that for me personally since high school, relationships always seemed to come in pairs! And, they caused quite a lot of "trouble" as well as incredible excitement and adventure.

My own parents were completely and beautifully in love with only one another the whole time, until my fathers death, in literally the best relationship I ever saw of that generation.  So, life (thus far) has had a far different plan for me. 

Open relating seems a necessity of  "spiritual wanderers."  I currently have had (and still counting) about 52 mailing addresses in 40 years! 

I also know and remember the exact number, name, time and place of the beginning of every relationship that I've ever had.  It's my way of honoring every single one.  Also, interestingly enough, not a single stranger or unknown "one night stand!"

As the song says:  "...never found a home, ..but love's been good to me!."

The 10-day Course

There have been five 10-day courses, 3 in Phoenix and 2 in Los Angeles, since I returned from five years in Vienna, Austria.

We've been playfully calling the 10-day course "Joyful Empowerment: Super Hero Training Phase 1:"  Which means finding, following and living your personal truth and happiness.  That means going deep into old stuck emotions, deep into sexual energy and deep into intent and inner guidance and the energy of "authentic giving and receiving" (money.)

The course is on a donations basis for first-timers both for the exercise of finding an amount that is a personal truth based authentically on value and budget and because you don't really know what you're getting into!  :-)   

The Weekend Course

This is the front end of the 10-day course which includes the initial emotional clearing, intention work and the beginning of the inner guidance exercises. The course is very much about love from the standpoint that without a sufficient foundation of unconditional love or "love without conditions," going deeply into one's self can be much more difficult then it needs to be.

Please contact Sharon if you would like to participate and also let me know if you would like more detailed info or if you are thinking about making one of these happen somewhere.


I love you always … greg

Current Flyer is at Current Flyer



#2 2007-02-13 05:05:33

Greg Ehmka

Re: Greg's Newsletter Sharings

Greg's sharing and Course Info....... 04107

Hi Everyone,

Personal Sharing
Some weeks ago, doing identity analysis work with people as I often do, I realized exactly HOW it is that people at times experienced fear (or anger covering the fear) relative to me personally.  It is a highly variable thing, at times being totally absent and replaced with great love and appreciation and then very strong at other times.

I'm not talking about when people go into make-wrong relative to me.  I don't really concern myself much about that, especially when they choose not to share.  That alone tells me that they more or less want to stay in the make-wrong.  But I've wondered about the times and people who experience this fear and DO share or maybe would like to share but are simply too afraid.

There are, of course, a variety of "reasons," layers and projections which may or may not be owned that people have very beautifully and vulnerably shared with me.   As moving as these sharings have been they haven't really landed with me as the source of the fear.

What I realized, like a major 'aha,' a few weeks ago was that, at these times, people were feeling my power or freedom or autonomy but they were not feeling my love!  And it was this imbalance that created the fear.

Over here, on the inside, that was a little curious to me for a few reasons. 

First my own experience of love, for people, for the planet, for my life is always present more or less equally right along with my own level of joy and empowerment.  Second, unless I were some sort of wounded caretaker, which I am definitely not, why else would I contribute such time, energy, skill and resources to others more often then not for free or almost free unless I loved them?  Third, I know the space of unconditional love i.e. love with no conditions that I can facilitate in the courses is excellent and why should this be forgotten?

In any case I saw that I simply needed an intention that people feel my love!

Technically, this is an "intention for others" and so the real power to fulfill this intention lies with them.  That being said, I knew that I could balance my self-expression such that my commitments for love showing up in my space with others would be equal to my commitments for truth, joy and  empowerment.

The recent Dallas weekend course provided a perfect opening for these intentions and they were fulfilled wonderfully!  The appreciation I received, the compliments, acknowledgements and hugs(!) reflected the new balance in a perfect and complete way!  Very nice.

Recent Dallas Weekend
This was great.  People got a lot!  We even did some work on the cancer one person has.  I saw that addressing cancer and whether  to stay or go (live or die choice) created a powerful opening to work on what "creating alternate realities" means and to  change the past!  Also, we accomplished much beautiful empowerment of intimacy and feminine sexual energy.  Plus some great and deep anger and old abuse clearings.

Possible Dallas Weekend March 23rd, 24, 25th.
Please let me know if you are interested so we can see if there is enough energy to make it happen or not.  Thanks.

Available Articles
If you would like to read in detail about the 10-day course, the full description is now here.

If you want to start or do more work on money, I have "The Money Bus" article posted here.

And for those who have been waiting for it and those who are more interested in the longevity and physical immortality aspects of the Master Game, I now have "The K.I.S. Process" article here.

The home page is now open so you can catch my comic video on Google and/or get a little further into the "Master Game" here. 

An Extraordinary New Partnership
Something very great has recently happened.  I have established a working partnership with Raphiem and "Blue."  Raphiem is one great guy in Australia and "Blue" is his group energy interdimensional partner.

Raphiem is not a medium and so there is a very useful distinction here relative to "channelling" or as I am starting to call them "channelling partnerships."   

As you know I like definitions and so I would like to make a distinction between, let's say, "medium channelling" and "unity channelling." 

In medium channelling, the interdimensional message has the priority.  These are ones like Kryon, Gaia, Kirael etc.  The partner on this side is the medium.  In unity channelling the merging of consciousness has the priority.  This is what Raphiem and Blue  (R&B!) work toward as well as bring forth useful messages.

This "unity channelling" is exactly like what I have been referring to as "auditory Q&A Latihan" and is what I have recently come to work on myself with my own interdimensional partners, the A's. 

For those who have not experienced it yet in a course, the "Latihan" and all of it's variations are the forms of inner guidance practices.

This auditory form or unity/merger channelling seems to be an aspect or extension of the inner guidance practices.

R&B are doing there sharing currently at:  where you can read postings or subscribe.  And previously they were at,  where they were providing information on some of the actual "energy deliveries" to the earth, like the recent October 17th one.

Raphiem is greatly interested in "earth grid harmonics" and with Blue's support has essentially proved two extraordinary, powerful and of course, "good news, bad news" concepts!  1) Atomic testing causes earthquakes.  E.g. the  recent  Hawaii one resulted from the North Korea test.  And,  2) Atomic or nuclear explosions can only take place at certain exact locations on the planet.  So the notion of random dirty atomic blasts is essentially untrue.

If that is all too irrelevant, esoteric or even annoying :-) for you just forget it and don't be the least concerned.  As always, all that matters is your own personal empowerment and joy right where you are in your own way!

In some of Blue's recent communications, notably, "Know Yourself/ Own Yourself #1, #2" etc. great emphasis is placed on being able to own emotions, "reprogram yourself," greater use of brain potential and so on.  I wrote to R&B offering the transformation work that I do and they responded with offering posting permission to the list.  And so I'm "talking" to that group and setting up possible courses.

My posts to the MI list are also here.  The cool part is to be receiving solid support from the inner dimensions, across the veil, for this "transformation of the ego" work.

Sending you much love  (can you feel it?) always …greg

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