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#1 2007-02-01 01:39:49

Greg Ehmka

Transformation Underground

Hi Everyone,

This thread has some sharings on the more "underground" topics like, sexual breakthroughs of course and illness or disease, also a good look at what "evil" really is, plus things like what is on the lower side of the anger spectrum, hostility, hate and violence.

Unconditional love or "love with no conditions" goes everywhere!

much love ... greg



#2 2007-02-01 01:41:50

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

Hi Greg,

Jut something I got recently:

I got that a Master is one who is willing to risk EVERYTHING for the truth.
….A Master is completely vulnerable (able to be moved) and completely in control…


Thanks!  Here is my paraphrase of something that Kryon said:

“… if someone calls a Master an asshole or anything else,  a Master checks immediately to see if that person is right in some way ..”

love … greg



#3 2007-02-01 01:43:51

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

Hey Greg, I just have to share .

i am not exactly sure how this happened, but I've figured out how to have sex!

in the past: I’ve had sex and been way self-conscious about "am i doing it right? what's going on here? i don't understand what's happening w/my body, what am i supposed to do?" etc....very much not present...lots of stories, voices, etc. it's always been really difficult for me to have an orgasm during sex--intercourse.

i had my first "real" (as in it felt just like the ones I give myself) orgasm about a year ago with my boyfriend.  I think i shared w/everybody about it. i was superexcited, but I could only come in one position, it took a really long time to get to it...sometimes an 45 minutes or more, and I had to move in a certain way...etc. there was a lot of directing from me in the bedroom after that...move this way, no--don't do that, etc.

for the last two weeks though, sex has been really really different. a few of things happened. one, having sex at my parent's house over christmas holidays...we were staying out in the motor home, I'm sure they knew we were having sex...and they didn't say a thing...I think that somehow in my head I took that as an approval to have sex from them. two, i did my body project sessions w/greg and have been steadily getting more empowered w/the pain in my body. then, i did a bodyhan w/one of my friends about 3 weeks ago and I was able to see the energy blocks...I could SEE them and then, I remembered that I could see that stuff--that it is one of my gifts.... while it was happening I was in a shitload of fear...freaking out about what I was seeing but going through the fear and acknowledging it and recognizing that it was *me* seeing it...and it wasn't a was real.

Then, two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were having sex, and for no apparent reason, I decided in my head to be a prostitute w/him...I took the role on that I was there just to give him pleasure and he was someone I didn't know that well. I kept up the role in my head the entire 10 minutes we had sex...TEN minutes...I came before he did. No kidding. I was completely shocked. I wasn't trying to come, I wasn't doing a certain move or position. I was just holding the intention to give him pleasure...and I was following the energy...those are the only words I can figure out to explain what was going on...I was just moving the way it felt right to move to go w/the energy. and since I was pretending i didn't know him, there were no pre-conceived notions about what I should do or the ways I should move...or what he likes in bed or doesn't....

It was the weirdest thing ever. I thought it had to be a fluke...ten minutes was way more quick than I've ever come before. So, like the good scientist I am, I did a few more experiments. :) Turns out that sex is kind of like a receiveehan...LOL. if I'm giving to my partner...and following the energy..I guess maybe that's the truth of the moment...the physical truth of the do i want to move, what's next, then sex is way way way way better. and easy. and not so complicated. and very pleasurable.... who knew?


Very great!

You said:  >>>...and following the energy.  I guess maybe that's the truth of the moment...the physical truth of the do i want to move,<<<

That’s exactly the heart of it.  and inner guidance will show it to you whenever you need it.  …..g

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#4 2007-02-01 01:45:47

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

Hi, Greg.

A friend of mine is considering taking your weekend workshop and he forwarded me your email about relationships and how well it breaks down those barriers. Relationships have always been challenging so I would love to work on that. I'm wondering though, about the tantra part you allude. The person I'd be coming with is not someone I'm involved with and I'm wondering what's involved physically. Can you give me more of an idea so I can feel it out?


The Tantric aspects of the work are only in the 10-day course not in the weekend so nothing to be concerned about this time.

And in the 10-day by the time we get to the Tantrahan (7 days later on Friday) you and everyone would know your truth about whether to do it or not and with whom (or solo.)

People can and do make love in the Tantrahan. I show a video on how it all comes together, inner guidance, emotional clearing, intimacy and sexual energy sharing. I have also had occasion to demonstrate it live with wonderful partners. It is all very beautiful and genuinely shows how love, sex, spirit and sharing all come together. Many people just do not know it can be like this.

much love ... greg



#5 2007-02-01 01:50:15

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

Q: i had a clearing today that didn't even feel like it was from this lifetime. is that possible? does it matter.....

A:  It's definitely possible and it does matter from the point of view that as you clear other lifetimes you make available to yourself the knowledge and experience you had from those other lifetimes.... and that gives a greater and broader perspective on what you face now. .so you get cooler! :-)

The more you live in the "eternal now" the more you can experience ALL of your lifetimes (past AND future!) ....there really is no such thing as linear time. Who you WILL BE effects who you  are now which effects who you were (yes, the past can be changed) and of course the other way 'round....who you were effects who you are effects who you will be....

...just this past year I have been getting more sure that I am working on clearing a BIG fear from ancient Lemuria.... each time I fly into Guam (three times so far) I feel a very strange unknown fear ,,,totally unusual for me, I love flying and take-off and landing and even did some 30 hours of flight training...what I have finally figured out is that I was on Lemuria the day the whole continent sank!  I will only feel that fear way out in the pacific on an island which is probably where I was when Lemuria went under... ..and it created a pattern of many lifetimes of a certain distrust of nature...

...I did a past life regression once (way cool technique we used to do ourselves in a group) where I was an Australian aborigine sitting by myself at the fire at night and felt the most wonderful peacefulness and connectedness to nature and then right at the height of my peace and joy I was suddenly attacked by a dingo dog...! I killed the dog and survived fine but it was part of a pattern of "betrayal" by nature....

,,,it is still there sometimes at night when I am in nature alone....

So, yes, just keep clearing and moving the old stuck energy and many amazing things will continue to happen...after all you really ARE an angel on earth and so it is supposed to be quite an adventure...! :-)



#6 2007-02-01 01:52:10

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

Hi Greg,

Some results to share.

First is that I had the best sex of my life two nights ago. Three hours and it included some very deep clearing, laughing, dancing, etc. I felt so incredibly erotic and powerful and it was just awesome.

Second, is that my boyfriend cleared for the first time, an asthma attack early this morning -- he usually goes directly to his inhaler/drugs. I've been supporting him in this process (Bodyhans, Tantrahans...lots of talk about what he wants) and I woke this morning to him grabbing my shoulder and asking for support.

My inner guidance told me not to touch him or do much of anything except lie next to him, awake. So I did, and he got incredibly angry, cleared, cleared and then I had this inner guidance hit to say to him, "Your healing goes hand in hand with your intentions. What do you want right now?" And he started, while clearing, intending for self-love, etc. He kept moving surfing his feelings, and then suddenly he turned, with tears in his eyes, wheezing, and said, "I want to breathe so I can fuck you." Within 15 minutes his bronchioles were completely open and then I was clearing some stuff and we got to share some sexual energy!! ...seems so crazy to me in retrospect but it was so incredible, the almost instant transformation.

For me, it was a breakthrough on following my truth. I was so clear on what to do and I wanted to support him. And I was totally in my love and power.

Love you Greg!



#7 2007-02-01 01:55:03

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

My boyfriend is one of the most intense people I’ve ever met. he is one fucking unusual, amazing guy. there is so much light inside of him that it staggers me. but there is also this potential violence that scares the shit out of me. and him too, of course.

it's not just violence greg, it's evil. i don't know what else to call it or what combination of fear, grief, anger it is. it's beyond any "layer" of anything i know of. he has to be so mindful of this scary edge which he knows if he ever lets himself go over it, he will do something which he will not remember until after he's done it.

it is so remarkable the levels of pain he has endured in his life. as a teenager he did realize at a certain point that he did not trust himself to be able to keep control from going over that edge and doing something horrible, and he got help. he was hospitalized for awhile. most people like him would be drugged walking zombies by this point, but he refused the labels,

His power is locked up inside him and he doesn't have access to it because so much of his energy is engaged in managing this cold blooded killer in him. i know if he flipped i could be dead. but he's not going to lose it. i have to trust that which has sustained him thus far and trust him.

his capacity for love is staggering. nature has really been the only thing big enough to hold space for him, as he's not really been able to let the human family in, to receive that nourishment and connection from too many people. but he continues to heal..   

He is a genius, but having a harder time keeping himself off of that edge than he would like to have admitted to me. i saw that, of course. it is terrifying, but it is ok. i know i am going to be fine and he is going to be fine


Hi b,

First there is a HUGE difference between someone with an intention to kill and someone who hurts or kills another in a rage. People with an intention to kill, Mafia hit men, soldiers, police etc. will kill with no problem. It is actually their job. And someone who just wants another person dead for any reason also will kill easily if their intention is empowered (!)

I actually do not believe that your boyfriend has any intent to kill. So the real problem is his fear of his own anger or power.

So for him (and you or anyone who assists him) the way to handle the potential of hurting someone through rage is with eye contact. There are some very small girls facilitating the anger of some very big guys through making sure that the guy continues to SEE her. And the way to do that is to make sure he is looking at you and BLINKING!

You cannot hurt someone in a rage if you SEE them. "Blacking out, seeing red" etc. happen because so much energy is pushed to the eyes that they literally stop functioning. The eyes have to stay soft and the extra energy should go into sounds and words.

Sometimes when someone I am working with starts to space out and their eyes glaze over and they stop seeing I just put my hands in front of their eyes and tap my thumb and middle finger repeatedly about a half inch form their eyes.  This will force them to blink and "get present" in the eyes. They will start to see again and can move feelings without "losing it." He can do it himself just by pushing himself to blink and see while he begins to access the anger.

The "evil" layer is the combination of suppressed destructive anger WITH some powerful "not wants" WITH make-wrong. I don’t know what he is making wrong but it is probably one of: himself, (self make-wrong,) or his own anger, someone else's anger (e.g. father) or his power or power in general.

The reason "evil" appears evil is that there is a certain joy in (finally) expressing all of this suppressed stuff. The joy of authentically expressing feelings gets mistakenly interpreted as a joy of hurting others and so whatever destructiveness occurs seems to be horrifying.

But it all comes back to the necessity of moving stuck energy. This is the "criminals" purpose when viewed spiritually. "Criminals" (to include politicians) force energy to move that would not otherwise move and so their "angelic purpose" is to move great amounts of energy one way or another. Of course they have choice also and don't need to have drama. It's just that they, like everyone else, don't know any other way to move stuck energy. ...don't even know that is what they are doing!

Back to your boyfriend’s make-wrong. The "hard" part is to set intentions for compassion, self love etc. I.e. turn the "not-wants" around, then the "easy" part is the clearing itself.

He sounds like more of what I would call a "fear structure." A real "anger structure" is likely to be diagnosed psychotic while a fear structure is more likely to be diagnosed as schizophrenic.  Fear structures are even more unlikely to hurt someone although their kind of anger can be amazing.  I think it may be precisely because there is no chance of hurting anything that they give themselves such permission to rage! As far as your boyfriend’s fear of going over the edge, theoretically if he were in a course with me in his face and a few of the guys all around him he could totally let go and then I think he would be amazed at how small the actual drama would be. But he would need to be very committed to that level of clearing and actually energetically create that.

So as I said in the beginning, the real problem is his fear. As he does his clearings help him set and hold the intention for full permission for FEAR. Which means crazy sounds, lots of body shaking, wild looks, craziness, etc.. But again that can happen only if he has the level of commitment for it. There is no danger in any clearing. People will simply stop if they get too scared.

So to summarize .. its not the going over the edge that is the problem it is the FEAR of going over the edge. And if he gets committed enough and empowered enough to clear fear (and not just pain and grief... there is a "switching" of fear into pain that can occur which does not clear anything...kind of like when clinically depressed women "switch" their anger into pain and crying....also it's very common for men to switch their fear into anger) he can slowly work through the whole can of worms.

Like you probably heard me say: "Simple and not necessarily easy!" :-) It all always comes back to what someone truly wants. be cont...



#8 2007-02-01 01:58:29

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

Cont.  from  b,

This is some amazing and very interesting information greg. we did not get to discuss it when we talked, but you are right on...

I guess for me one of the hardest pieces to digest has been what he describes as a lust that would come over him at the thought of doing certain rather horrifying things. All that you say about him rings very true to me. I have told him i wanted to share both what i wrote about him and your (extremely wise and helpful) response. thank you for your insights.

Thanks b, Here's some more,

Let�s call it a "blood lust." The lust for blood is totally confused with the "lust" (i.e. passion, ecstasy, joy) of truly being free, being yourself and letting the world know it, living a life you love. especially sexual pleasure etc..

The identity THINKS it is the blood that gives the pleasure. This is only true if there is an intent for blood!  (And then it would not even matter who did the killing!) 

Otherwise, wrong!  It is the authentic self expression that gives the pleasure!

It is the truly being yourself and finding ways to let the body move with that , which gives the pleasure. It is really the "same old" problem where we think that the "good things in life" are outside of our self. I.e. Thinking that the joy, ecstasy, etc is outside with the bloodletting rather then inside with feelings and emotions, truth, joy, sharing, sex and creativity.....

The trick is in the intent. Is there an actual intent for BLOOD or is there an intent for passion, feeling good and lust?! If the later, then OTHER ways are easily (or not so easily) found.

Once he asks the right question then the intent can get directed properly and THEN the "BLOOD LUST" is simply what is present and can be shared as a clearing!

This FEELING difference must be felt. The FEEL OF INTENT for "blood lust" and the FEEL OF "blood lust" AS JUST WHAT IS PRESENT!

Cool how it works...yes?!



#9 2007-02-01 02:00:32

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

Hey Greg,

You said something that doesn’t seem right.
"A make wrong cannot be cleared."

I can and I do. I own it and focus on my intentions until the energy/power/joy for my intentions is bigger than the energy/empowerment/joy for supporting the makewrongs.

I share my makewrongs with my girlfriend with the intention to empower connection, love, ecstasy. It is scary as hell (esp. the voices of "I am an asshole", "she is fragile, this will damage her soul") and I still do it and my love ends up bigger.

Love you  -- C

Hi  C,

It is a subtle but very important piece.

A make wrong cannot be cleared as a "clearing." It can only be cleared by "withdrawing one's intent from it and redirecting that intent. This is actually what you described that you did.

"...focus on my intentions until ...." You did not clear the make wrong but rather took away its foundation.

The subtlety is that a make wrong is a function of intention not of blocked or held emotional energy. With blocked emotional energy the process is one of getting present to what is there, meaning softening, feeling, connecting a sound etc.

With a make wrong the intention is actually "giving life" to a particular "reality." And the "life giving" intent must be withdrawn from that reality and directed to an alternate reality.

love you back... g be cont...



#10 2007-02-01 02:03:47

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

More from C,

I get it... thank you for the piece.

I get that make wrongs are more like intentions, not voices.

I let go of my make wrongs and focus on loving intentions other intentions.

The clearing gravitates towards the voices which lead to the make wrongs.

What is very important to me however is how automatic the make wrongs are and how deep.

"There's something wrong with..."
"I don't want ..."

Seems that the wrong-making machine is deep under the surface, a part of the "prism" which breaks/interprets energy into pain/anger/fear/pleasure.

Have you, Greg, had access to this place? Does it remain with you?

My Conquistador wants to go and conquer this place and make it right... dismantle the prism... but battle requires for something to be made wrong first! I am getting to a place where I see my Warrior habit as the next thing to let go of.

And accept my wrong-making machine? and love it? as perfect?

I think this is being more kind to me.

I would like to hear your piece on make wrong and/or "battle mode".

I sense make wrong lies at the basis of my separation choices. Automatically saying "no" to the world; to what is.   .....C

VERY insightful!

To use your metaphor there ARE many dark spots on the prism. And they ARE technically make-wrongs (denial of existence) but these are not "normal" identity bullshit. Even "foundations of reality" is not deep enough. There are also "spiritual contract" considerations (specific things you came here to do or accomplish) but that doesn't seem to account for the toughness of these "prism spots." ....but, then again, maybe it does.  So there is still much to study as to the source of make wrongs.

I HAVE gotten down there but like deep scuba diving you can't get there often or stay long or get a lot done while down there. But usually what you CAN get done is enough in the present.

And you are totally correct with the AUTOMATIC part.  As I said before the father knocks the kids head off while calmly sipping coffee

The automatic quality is the program running LONG after the programmer activated the program. It takes intent to write, re-write, activate or deactivate a program. In other words it takes intent to make a change. But once the program is running on its own intent is no longer actually playing a role.

The "program" is channeling energy through some programmed matrix. What makes some of these programs SO tough, as I aid, I'm not sure about yet.

"Battle mode" is first about authenticity. It has to be an act of authentic fighting. The fight has to be your truth. Then in Samurai mode you declare an enemy and attack with the intent to do violence and destroy. The shield is love and the sword is truth so your act of destruction follows the natural cycle of life: I.e. Creation (Brahma), Preservation (Vishnu) and Destruction (Shiva).

You block/shield (love i.e. allow existence) to any energy coming at you while you are "slashing" with the sword of truth. That means as you block, deflect and destroy, your intent is ALWAYS on the new creation that will replace the one you destroy.
I like the "battle" metaphor personally but it isn't the only one. Some use a "gardening" metaphor. You plant the seeds and pull out the weeds! Can you love the "weeds" (the make-wrong machine is perfect) yes, but do you want them in your garden? No.

So then what?

The prism spots (weeds) got there as a creation or program, Brahma but it MUST be that they CONTINUE to be there because I allow (preserve) them, Vishnu. Keep giving the program energy or keep allowing the program to run. So, logically, withdrawing the intent that preserves the program (withdrawing the energy that keeps the program running) is just as important as the new intent to create the replacement program.

As you said last time, focusing on the new intentions, new creations is totally correct BUT it seems there MUST be a recalling or withdrawing of old energy that is still operating. I don't think it is enough to ONLY focus on your new intentions UNLESS you can put ALL of your intent into it! (If ALL of your energy goes to one place then there is none left to go to some other place.)

And then I would say that this recalling or "freeing" of the old energy is what we do when we "clear stuck energy." The energy is only "stuck" because we don't want that program running anymore. We want the energy to activate and operate some new program.

All of the programming metaphors apply including virus's, Trojans and even agent Smith! Look at the battle Neo had to engage in to deactivate Smith. Neo was a super Samurai. It didn't matter at all that he died. What mattered was that his enemy was defeated. Our programs can and do kill us whether it is fast or slow.

So reprogram or if the programs are stronger try gardening, If they are much stronger put on shield and sword (love and truth.) If they threaten your existence go to war, become the Samurai and take it to the limit. That's what it means to really put your ass on the line, or jump off the cliff. It's a risk but it is not a gamble. A Samurai risks it all but never gambles. (gamble = knowingly place your power in an unknown which is someone else's known.)

love you ... g be cont....



#11 2007-02-01 02:07:41

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

Here is a little more on the whole �lower� part of the anger spectrum.  �down there where violence, destruction, hosltilty and so on are.  We can take a little space to understand them more and integrate them more.

Briefly from the dictionary:

Anger - wanting and not getting or getting and not wanting.
Hostility - the declaration of an enemy and an intention to limit the enemies influence.
Make wrong - the opposite of unconditional love. "A denial of existence." Unconditional love allows everything to exist. Make wrong denies existence.

It's a big learning curve to feel the subtle differences between anger and the other two.  Very often what is interpreted as hostility is only anger and what is interpreted as make wrong is also only anger.

If the intention is held on what one wants or even saying a clean "no" to what one doesn't want then hostility and make wrong aren't necessarily present along with the anger.  There has to be an additional interpretation i.e. "the creating of an enemy" and an additional intention to limit the enemies influence for hostility to be present.  And you will see that hostility can be present WITHOUT anger.

Make wrong, as the opposite of unconditional love is the "non-allowing of something to exist."  I.e. "A denial of existence." This is almost always some deeply held belief or rule. Like the father hitting his son for crying. The father has a deeply held belief or rule that the boys crying is WRONG. Although he is "attacking," notice he can do this with or without anger. And with or without hostility. I.e. with or without the interpretation that crying or sadness is an enemy and therefore dangerous.

When all three, make wrong, anger and hostility, are present you have a pretty mean motherfucker!

But there are cool parts as well.

Like if hostility is expressed (limit the enemy) with NO make wrong and NO anger you have a Samurai! ..or a good soldier. A Samurai declares an enemy and holds the intent to limit the enemies influence (hostility). Plus, if he also acts with an intent to harm he "attacks."

And so an attack is an active intent to harm (an enemy.)

Something similar goes on in "good sportsmanship" or acknowledging a "worthy opponent."  I.e. we want to harm our opponent's position or make him lose but we are not angry about it.

And so there are many carryovers between sports and war. (offensives, penetrating the defense etc.) Good sportsmanship is really about being FOR points and not AGAINST the other team.

The subtlety of let's say "clean anger" is that all it is really saying is "a forceful yes or no." In fact this is arguably the best use of anger. I.e. crystal clear, rather forceful, yes's and no's.

An "angry not-want" (I.e. "NO thank you, NOT in MY space") is actually quite clean. No additional intentions to limit or harm.

To clearly perceive hostility look for it separately from anger.  When properly understood it be seen as a "clear declaration of an enemy"  along with an intention to limit that enemies influence.

To complete the model, hatred is the opposite of CONDITIONAL love. They are both very passionate.

There is no passion in make wrong. Father or mother just knock the kid's head off and continue drinking his coffee or buying her new dress.

As the opposite of unconditional love make wrong is really more just being asleep or unaware or of low consciousness. The boy's crying is dangerous to the father (his own expressed sadness got HIS head knocked off.) and he AUTOMATICALLY attacks. Zero compassion present.

And if you hold your own unconditional love (compassion) you won't make make-wrongs wrong either!

And so to summarize:

Unconditional love (compassion) opposite Make wrong (automatic unconscious attack)
Conditional love (passion for) opposite Hatred (passion against)
Anger (clean forceful want or not want)
Conscious Hostility (Samurai)
Conscious Attack (active Samurai)

btw Enlightenment (perfection) opposite "Something's wrong" So when I coach someone to "live your enlightenment it means to  "intend perfection."

love, greg



#12 2007-02-08 05:45:20

Greg Ehmka

Re: Transformation Underground

………I have a question/ situation Greg,. I've hit a tremendous pain layer - first the caffeine withdrawal headache was a mo fo' , but what showed up yesterday was a OVERWHELMING, TREMENDOUS pain in my legs from approx. right above the base of my spine all the way down my legs. Coincidentally, the first time I ever remember having this pain was in a workshop where I did a prolonged deep emotional release about 8-9 years ago. It was so intense and unbearable that time I was screaming and they took me to the ER. I was on antibiotics at the time for a UTI, and of course all they could do was calm down the pain and guess it was a reaction to the antibiotics. I have had this pain come back a few times since then, but not for a while now.

I went to get acupuncture yesterday and followed with a visit to my chiropractor, where I cleared a lot - LOTS OF FEAR AND SADNESS - felt so vulnerable and out of control - realized that previously I only go there during sex - anyway - couldn't sit or lay down last night so I finally took two advil to sleep - today it's here but not unbearable - I'm really willing to stay present with it this time - any thoughts?

Also - can you tell me/us some more about your individual work?

BTW despite the pain, overall I feel pretty good emotionally!

Sending love to you …pj

Hi pj,

Thanks for checking in, sharing and so on.

My thoughts are first, congratulations! You sound great and empowered and have begun (or newly begun) to take on your body pain and move it. Very tough work but worth it.

Second, yes, great! Use everything you can, go there in sex, chiropractic, acupuncture, clearing time as we did in the weekend etc.

The context is gentle, self love and compassion for that hurt little girl inside. Plus, continuous commitment to move the mo' fo' pain, which is really the sadness, grief, fear, etc. inside the pain. Also the anger. I worked with a woman who completely disappeared UTI. It was the anger. She was "pissed off." Imagine that. :-)

My individual sessions are about 90 minutes, maybe a little longer and I have a minimum donation on them and they are basically of two types,

The first is the intention dialogue which you saw Friday night and all weekend long. Moving the energy and the emotions primarily through verbal sharing with me doing maybe a little body work.

The second is what I call a "Bodyhan" (take-off on the word Latihan) which you saw (or maybe did not see) me do on the floor with N.  for about 15 minutes. This is for the deep, tougher, harder stuff.

And then I go a little back and forth with both depending on what I think a person needs.
There is a third form of work. I also do, Tantrahans  with women on very special occasions which is a very specialized healing or spiritual sexual energy work. I always follow a much deeper inner truth about who to do this with and it always follows intimacy work which you also saw just a beginning touch of at the end with N.

Using Bodyhans, that pain in your body can be moved. Maybe it would take three sessions or 5 or 6. I doubt that it would take more then 8 or 10. You can do as little or as much as you like and you can stop anytime. Also if you are not happy with what happened you can pay me whatever feels right for you or not at all. I don't take money from people who feel they have no results.

And of course, growing in this way is a never ending story, so you might get totally free of those pains and then "wake up" some new pains to work on that will move you forward yet again to grow again.

That is why I frame the whole thing inside of "The Master Game." In time it becomes more and more like you said. ....working on the body but feeling emotionally quite good.

I have done some "projects" with people to move great pain and also to move big weight loss. It is kind of like a "quantum biology," in which powerful clearing causes powerful healing.

The important thing to know is that great energy will be released and it has to go somewhere so you will change. Your life will change and so on. That is where your intentions come in. What are your dreams? And would you really live them if you had the chance?

If you were freed of all of this body pain who would you be? And what would you be doing? Many people fear this but it is really making your life into an adventure. And the adventure will always follow what you authentically love!

Ok for now,.

Sending you lots of love....greg



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