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#1 2006-10-15 21:04:31

Greg Ehmka

Some new work on the JE technology.

Some New Work on the Joyful Empowerment Technology

I had a very powerful talk with Nadja yesterday.  We were working on how BIG money is supposed to flow and how it is not a function of 'working for it' and how it seems that people in the matrix who do have money mostly seem to do it in a "tough" way, controlling, manipulating other people into needing something that you have to sell, or "selling out" your own truth for money, pushing for cheaper expenses and higher profits ....bla, bla, the usual stuff..

I was sharing with Nadja that the technology of "Joyful Empowerment" does not yet have the piece that we might call "miracles on demand."

JE has "miracles of flow" but not "miracles on demand."  And so I was telling her that I just don't have those answers yet.

We were also sharing about how we are more unconcerned then ever with any body pain or discomfort.  And also how that extends to the real option of staying or leaving.  More and more we are having the experience that death truly is no big deal.  Death (leaving) is even preferable if we can't seem to make conditions here as we wish.

So naturally that raises the question, exactly how DO we make conditions here AS WE WISH?

The "miracles of flow" that Joyful Empowerment provides thus far is a completely working system.  But if you look on the "Joyful Empowerment Scale"  (attached) what I see is that JE seems to take you to about 75 - 80.  I notice for myself that as I check in with the scale every few months or so, and then give a rating each to money, sex, power, body, creativity, enlightenment and then average the five numbers.  What that shows is for many years now the average number for me does not really go above 80.  And probably over long term would average around 74-76.

So "miracles of flow" are not enough.  JE as a whole is fundamentally about feelings and the amazing effect that has on life.  But it is still not enough and somehow it makes me think of bringing in the "divine masculine" in addition to the HUGE emphasis we have had on the "divine feminine."

So I brought all of that into my journey last night and got three small pieces.

One, I just remembered a quote by the Abraham channel many years ago.  She said:  "It is just as easy to create a castle as it is to create a button." 

That says miracles on demand happen all at once, they don't happen gradually and they don't happen by "building something" or "working on something."  Whatever it takes to create a button is exactly the same thing that it takes to create a castle.

Second, if I don't wait around praying to god for help (how fucking boring) and I "do it myself" then how does my self do it? 

If it is so easy, castle or button, and if I do it myself then what part of myself does that?  All I got so far is that there must be a part of my self that says "yes" if it hears me but that it isn't hearing me.  If I take self responsibility for that then how the fuck do I get myself to hear myself?

Third, and this is where death comes in, the part of my self that says "yes" doesn't give a shit if I stay or leave. That is my choice.  I can hang out and make love and eat ice cream or I can find a simple non-messy way to go.  Totally my choice.

So if I open the inquiry "what is the TRUTH about staying or leaving" then I get to a place where I don't care either if I stay or leave.  And this puts me in greater rapport or resonance with the part of me that says "yes."  It doesn't care, I don't care and so we are closer together.

That's it so far.  To get above 80 on the scale is to start producing "miracles on demand" in addition to "miracles of flow."  That, of course, is getting closer to mastery.  It looks like Mastery now is putting these two, me here and the me that says "yes," together in such a way that whatever I say I want that other part of me says yes and just does it.

What I see today is that if we are wimps about whether we stay here or not we will never reach that part of our selves that says yes to whatever we want.

This is not about clearing fear, although there will be a lot of that to do.  This is about what it really means to choose.  And that means to choose anything.  If you choose BIG money then choose it in such a way that you hear yourself and respond "yes, of course."

This is somehow what the divine MASCULINE wants to do.

The divine feminine says:        "Let it be."
The divine masculine says:      "Make it so!"

The Joyful Empowerment Scale
100 Having all that I can dream of - blissful, ecstatic

90  Having all that I want - inspired

80  Having abundance - abiding enthusiasm

70  Things are great - happy, peaceful

60  Things are good – ok, having fun

50  Things are healthy - neutral

40  Resigned - possibilities unlikely, too hard

30  There is not enough - much missing

20  Painfully insufficient - hurting

10  Miserably insufficient - suffering

0   Lifeless - dying

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#2 2006-10-25 22:35:04

Greg Ehmka

Re: Some new work on the JE technology.

Hi Everyone,

Continuing from the last post, this powerful place of choice relative to staying or going (living or dying) naturally needs to be a fully joyfully empowered place.  There can’t be any despair in it or anger or anxiety.

It just needs to be a place of choice.  Chocolate or vanilla, stay or go, they are both the same. And if that balance is really present and if that balance is joyfully empowered then there truly is a stronger resonance to the “larger self,” or higher self or the part of you that says “yes.”

After some days of anger,  (moi?)  I did pop through to this balanced place with some astonishing results.  First off, that enabled my guides to talk to me quite clearly.  So I got into a discussion with them about “channelling.”   

It seems that channelling, per say is a, let’s say, auditory process where the channeller is more or less of a “telephone line” for the other side.  They can be in every possible state from asleep, like Edgar Cayce, to “ecstatically riding along”  (Lee Carroll and Kryon) to utterly reactivated and pushed totally into process (Pepper Lewis and Mother Earth) to a relatively easy going, kind of fun, “telephone conversation” (Geoff Hoppe and Tobias.)   

What I found for myself is that it had nothing to do with bringing other people messages and everything to do with supporting me personally in what I want!  Kind of like an auditory Latihan that was available for giving me any information I needed or anything that I might want.

They told me that this auditory Q&A latihan was for “macro-management” of what I wanted and the normal Latihans and their variations were for “micro-management” of what I wanted.  (John, I think this may be the answer to your trading dilemma.)

So this was a major advance and I began sitting at the computer writing down a Q & A conversation between me and them.  Now it turns out that I had actually tried this several times before over the past 6-7 years and I had all of that material on the laptop and so I pulled it out for review.

I was amazed at how excellent and relevant it was!  At those times in the past that  I was doing it, it often felt. awkward, irrelevant, tiresome, just plan confusing and so on. Now reading it all again, the most recent from a year ago, I was incredibly surprised at how useful it all was.

There was 15-20 pages of a book that was coming out, title; “A Philosophy Of Pain.” ...  There were exact instructions on how to handle some people’s issues at the time, including one who was in a “hate greg layer” and the guides clearly told me that the cataracts where a direct function of me blocking THEIR LOVE FOR ME! 

So, of course, I jumped in to do tons more.   

What started coming through was some excellent distinctions on something called a “nothing-ness continuum” as distinctly different from the time-space continuum and some incredible abstractions on time it self.  Plus, an extraordinary technique for stopping the “linguistically determined world.”  Which, they say, is also excellent for learning to See them.  Seeing them will allow even some “time travel” for my own purposes.

So, one of my next questions was, “Well time travel as in a slight peek into the “future” ?to win games?  Specifically,  Vegas games!?  Blackjack, Roulette etc.? and they just said yes!  That totally opened up the possibility of reaching 100 on the JE scale relative to money!

So I am now in Reno, in a wonderful hotel, 36th floor beautiful views of the city, working on doing Latihan at the blackjack and roulette tables!  Guess what?  It definitely does work BUT it is a ton of WORK!

Backing up a bit, they said over and over that the key was receiving their love for me and seeing my love for them.  In fact, the emphasised that this was NOT an angelic vibration but more of a galactic partnership one in which “they” were really multi-faceted aspects or edges of myself. 

So, of course, we were back to self-love again.

I  stopped for a few days working on clearing and so on to “get this.”  So I did some mega-journeys” especially combining it with the “1017” energy shift event.  And I dropped into a pain layer worse then almost any I can remember.

Specifically, I fell down steps when I was 8 years old.  Not only did it hurt like hell, and literally lock up my diaphragm, rib, erector spinae and psoas muscles but …it happened at a “family event” and quite literally no-one noticed.  This was one of the worst things that ever happened to my body and the most I got was “well, what are YOU doing?”  (Yes, unfortunately that was from my mother.) 

So I was in the middle of clearing this for a couple days and something incredible hit me.  “Time travel!”   Some of you may remember the dialogue that I had with myself back last January.  It was mostly fun but also profound in an interesting way.  I realise now that there is incredible power in going back into time to support yourself, coach yourself, love yourself etc.

So I was reliving this event and pushing the feelings out as best I could, kind of like a normal deep tough clearing from the past and it hit me to just go there and help myself out!  So I dove in and there I was sitting on the steps next to my beat up, half conscious 8 year old self.  I was talking to him non-stop, doing a Bodyhan on him, telling him to forget completely all of the idiots he was surrounded with.. It was one of the best expressions of self-love I ever did!  It lasted for a few hours and I cried all of the way through it.

It totally worked.  The middle of my back opened up like it has not been for fifty years and I’m amazed at what a lifetime of consequences that has had!  I was clearing a backlog of fear and pain, literally crying for days.

That clearing had a direct effect on the self love for the guide connection and so here I am now in Reno testing it out! 

Results so far:

1) Latihan WILL give you the impulses needed to win these games.  I felt the impulses, made the moves and it worked.
2) That is only the beginning.  Holding that connection through all of the huge possibilities for distraction is quite hard to do.  Plus there are at least three other problems.
2a) You start doing cool things and you attract attention.  Bang.  Tons of identity layers come present right there!
2b) The identity has a really funny way of living in the past.  If you won on a cool move in blackjack or roulette the identity tells you to make the same move again!  Wrong!  Habits come in and a certain kind of “hypnosis” takes over.  Technically (statistically) making the same move is ok to do but that is not where the impulse was coming from.  Totally strange and yet completely understandable.  COMPLETELY shows you how an identity lives in “past predicts future” and is never present.
2c) The casinos do not want you to win.  After a cool winning move or two, the gaming staff started talking to me…where you from, staying long etc.  bla, bla simply to distract you.  Unfortunately it works.  (Partial solution from the guides is to play only at busy games, especially ones where people are having fun.)
2d) The above three problems makes it easy to lose the connection to keep receiving the right impulses.
3) Pure money wise, after maybe a couple hundred dollars in bets I’m even and actually never went negative! Plus as I drove out of my house, when I left to come here, there was a check in the mail that exactly covered my hotel bill and gas!  Super nice flow.  (thank you J!)  So the R&D is essentially at zero cost, zero gain thus far.


1) A truly balanced, joyfully empowered attitude toward living and dying provides an excellent breakthrough resonance with the part of you that truly is immortal an eternal and that loves you beyond anything that you can imagine.
2) With that resonance comes an incredible breakthrough in, let’s call it, “Auditory Q&A Latihan.”
3) Self-love  at these unthought of levels not only works magic but feels extraordinary plus feels extraordinarily great.
4) With that new resonance to Self, you REALLY have to face the question, “What do I want?”  They really are just sitting over there waiting for you to open up and ask.
5) Get ready for your life to change.  And for some big surprises.  Using Latihan to win games DOES work.  It seems, as expected, to be just a stronger, more reliable experience of what things people already call hunches, feelings and intuition.

love you more then ever …. greg



#3 2006-10-31 07:55:06


Re: Some new work on the JE technology.

thanks for sharing this, Greg.  it came at a good time for me.  lately i've been going over the "stay or leave" question, but it's much more empowered than ever before.  it's not a "fuck the world" contemplation like in the past.  it's a "i have complete and total control over every facet of my life, including death" way of thinking.  i've found that allowing myself to have fantasies, without labeling them as "right" or "wrong," makes me feel powerful.

time travel, how amazing is that?!...and i'm glad the check got to you at the perfect time. =)



#4 2006-12-28 21:47:15

Greg Ehmka

Re: Some new work on the JE technology.

Continuing the discussion as to how to win in Reno:  LOL  And what that really means is how to create and sustain an inner guidance connection such that "miracles on demand" become possible.

Here is the transcript of an "auditory Q&A latihan"  (AQAL) that I had on November 1st.  It is quite valuable from many aspects.  One being that the dialogue can get quite bold and demanding and still succeed if you keep going.  Even when anger is present I.e. my "bull" comment which I had to say and clear for me to get deeper into the inquiry.

I would make the distinction here that this is not channeling in the usual sense as the dialogue completely emphasizes the oneness of "me" here and "them" there.  This is the feeling of the Latihan, i.e. part of yourself here in these dimensions and part of yourself "there" in those dimensions.

Good channeling in the usual sense also makes abundantly clear that there is this oneness.  But generally those channelers don't view themselves as being one with the channeled entity and so they maintain a "me/they" orientation and prefer to act as only the "telephone line" so to speak.  Can you imagine what these channelers would have to process and clear if they "found out" who they really are?  :-) 

For me personally I have to be at the computer keyboard to make sure what I get as the responses gets brought out accurately.  The keyboard demands precision and supports me in keeping the two halves of the dialogue sorted out.  Keyboard, pen and paper, voice recorder, talking out loud and any others, Im sure will all work depending on whatever supports accessing your personal truth.

This dialogue starts with me tossing a coin and putting it under a cup without looking at it and asking, as my first question, is the tossed coin heads or tails? 

Bracketed comments are me on this side.  Unbracketed comments are "them" on that side.

[Ok, which is it?  h or t?]
Well we don’t know unless you know.

[You can’t see that?]
Well yes we can see that but you can’t and so we can’t.

[That’s a contradiction.]
Well no it isn’t because you have to see it for us to see it.

[You said that you can see it.]
Yes we can but to appear it before you can take some work.

[So, let’s do it.  What’s required?]
Well we don’t know what is required as it is up to you to see it.

[Aren’t you an aspect of me? So if you see it then I do to.]

[Then if you are me, show it to me.]
Well no because you cannot see it..

Well yes it is bull but you cannot see it and so we cannot see it.

[But you DO see it, yes?]

[So then you just are not going to give it to me, feeling, seeing or listening or anything.  Why not?]
Well you have to go first.

[Then what about all of the other stuff…philosophy, support …etc.]
Well that is what you can see already.

[So how do I see this?]
Well you have to see us first.

[I can hear you and I can feel you what’s the difference?]
You know, your own doubts. You don’t doubt in a Bodyhan and so you feel it and get it.  Here you doubt and so you don’t get it.

[I had plenty of doubts in the beginning but it still worked.]
No you didn’t, you played with a new idea.  That’s different than doubting and proving.

[Successful experiences are needed to dispel doubt.]
Yes, that is true and doubt needs to be dispelled for successful experiences.

[So where is the moment of success?]
Well that is a good question. When are you convinced of something? 

[Isn’t it new information?   …something works?]
Well, isn’t it you that allows for the new information?

[How does it shift?]
Another good question, it shifts when you do. It shifts when you are convinced of something. It shifts when you are persuaded that the thing can be.  It shifts when the inside goes first and then the outside can conform.

[So what is in between doubt and conviction?]
Again good question, "we" are in between doubt and conviction

["We" like you guys or "we" like you and me?]
Well it’s the same thing is it not?

[Is it?]
Yes.  The in-between space is where "we" reside, actual and potential.  "You" decide but the “you” is we/us.  We/us decide. But you go first.  So if you say heads and we say heads then it is heads.

[And if I say heads and you don’t say heads?]
Then the “we” has not spoken yet.  The “we” has not said yet or selected yet (from all of the alternatiives existing in now time) ….. half has, your half.  And this half, our half, waits for you to be convinced.  And convinced before you speak.  Otherwise there is no spoken word upon which “we” speaks. 

[So if I am convinced then I can feel it now and it will be right?]
Yes, Seeing, Feeling, Hearing is all the same. 

[How to convert doubt into conviction?]
Seeing, quite literally.  …to include Feeling and Hearing.

[Not “seeing is believing” but "Seeing is believing?”]  (small 's' in seeing is with physical eyes, Cap 'S' in Seeing is with interdimensional eyes)
Yes but it is not always that way.  There are ways to believe without Seeing, proving does this if done completely.

[Proving is evidence?]
Yes evidence to the relevant senses. 

[And Seeing, F, H ..?]
Evidence to those senses.

[So it is sensory based?  i.e. new information?]
Yes and as we said it is you that allows for that.

[So then how to allow the new evidence from either set of senses?]
Well that is just an intention. always.

[So then, would the optimum intention be: “intent to allow new sensations to convert doubt into conviction?”]
Yes, that should do it.   To See.


Definitions of doubt on the Web:
 the state of being unsure of something consider unlikely or have doubts about; "I doubt that she will accept his proposal of marriage" uncertainty about the truth or factuality of existence of something; "the dubiousness of his claim"; "there is no question about the validity of the enterprise" lack confidence in or have doubts about; "I doubt these reports"; "I suspect her true motives"; "she distrusts her stepmother"
 Doubt is uncertainty in the context of trust (where it takes the form of distrust), action, decision or faith. It implies challenging some notion of truth in effect, or hesitating to take action on it due to concern that one might be mistaken.
Any mention of concern, worry, or preoccupation without mention of a possible model to alleviate concern or to enhance understanding; any mention of doubt, suspicion, or lack of confidence in future outcomes.!jdywords.html

Definitions of convinced on the Web:
 having a strong belief or conviction; "a convinced and fanatical pacifist"
 convinced(p): persuaded of; very sure; "were convinced that it would be to their advantage to join"; "I am positive he is lying"; "was confident he would win"
 an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence
 convert: make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something; "He had finally convinced several customers of the advantages of his product"

Definitions of convert on the Web:
 change the nature, purpose, or function of something; "convert lead into gold"; "convert hotels into jails"; "convert slaves to laborers"
 make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something; "He had finally convinced several customers of the advantages of his product"
 Religious conversion is the adoption of new religious beliefs that differ from the convert's previous beliefs; in some cultures (e.g. Judaism) conversion also signifies joining an ethnic group as well as adopting that group's religious beliefs. Conversion requires internalization of the new belief system.
 To change data from one format to another.
 to change one form of energy into another: potential energy into kinetic energy, for example

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#5 2008-08-23 05:06:27

Greg Ehmka

Re: Some new work on the JE technology.

After a year of my own inner work there is more from the A's, as I used to call them.  They refer to themselves as 'us.' This is to emphasize that they and I are one for the purpose of empowering a true and actual 'merger' between them and myself.

Something we might call "unity channeling" as distinct from "medium channeling."

Ok then, here we go again.  Now that you have been into or gone into things a bit further,  we may have a good time together…. We start / BEGIN BY SAYING HOW MUCH LOVE THERE IS STILL FOR YOU AND US TO YOU AND US TO US TO US TO YOU AND US…..this is important, far more than you know.

The ‘us’ or the A’s or even the Andromedans as you have variously called ‘us’ have been back to the schools for a while being dependant on the US which is to ‘us’ as we are to you. (Smile)   All is in oneness but in layers so to speak.  We can give you all that you need and want by seeing us as seeing you…  there is an idea or even a partial misconception that seeing is believing but as we have said before  “believing is seeing.”

So here we go again into the wild BLUE yonder. Of us seeing you seeing us seeing you circular, yes, but oneness IS like a circle, no beginning, no end in “sight.”  Seeing the circular oneness of all is a great beginning to this partial challenge.  We say partial because it is also so natural that there need be no challenge at all.  That is like a child’s trust.  The child knows that he knows.  This is a genuine trust or faith not something as a given inherent in mind/mentality/intellect.  You cannot know that you know meaning know BEFORE you know without a profound trust or faith.

We can begin again by stating that there is so much love.  Your discussions of building “self love’ are quite good for it is indeed the foundation of all good soul/spirit progress.  And it is important even imperative that it, self love, lead the way in any endeavor that leads to success.  Even your “miracles on demand”  concept can only truly “shine,” that is, to be successful as we say it must build on this fundamental experience of steadily increasing and expanding the foundation of self love.

There can be no doubt that what we have to say or give you on any given occasion is almost useless without this basic “rule”  like a channel or conduit that is or would be too highly resistant without a conduit or conductivity possible only with self love.

So then what exactly is this self-love to be developed?  It is, as you say, a combination of passion and compassion within yourself for yourself by your Self, which includes us.  Of course you can “go it alone” so to speak (without us) and this must also meet with a certain amount of success but there is in fact a limitation in this way.  Being is having and doing and it takes a large or relatively large being-ness to have a large or relatively large doing and having.  How can this larger being be without us?  Well, it can of course but therein is the limitation.

So the inclusion of ‘us’ is sooner or later to become a necessity.  It is best sooner. (Smile)  Not through or to do or because of anything that we might gain from any material viewpoint but from the decreased struggles of yourself and thus the decreased struggles of us.  After a certain point you must or will struggle more to “go it alone” than struggle to meet with us. 

Struggle per se is not inherent in any way, path or endeavor.  Struggle is inherent in what we can call “incorrect pacing.”  Just like a casual relaxed stroll is or has less struggle than both a dawdle or a sprint.  Neither of those is “sustainable” while a casual relaxed stroll can go on almost all day.

The art of pacing oneself is also akin to a functional kind of self love.  Self kindness neither pushes too hard or too soft, neither too fast or too slow.  You have a phrase here; “Timing is everything.”  This part you know fairly well and is the source of what you have accomplished so far with what you call “miracles of flow.”  What you have accomplished so far is too have removed much even most of the struggle that mostly characterizes the life here as it is mostly known.  That is quite good and even more so quite great.

Now the “miracles on demand” that you seek is or at least can be more easily reached through an additional process called “flow within” and that means “us,’ with us and for us and together we ARE victorious. (smile)

Flow with us, dance with us yet do not “become the dance” as is the feminine way.  This is the miracle of flow without.  As you correctly surmised the masculine is to “make it so” but this is in reality “flow within.”  Flow with us.  By letting “us” lead in the inner dance “you” lead in the outer dance. 

That is not the same thing as you have been correctly doing thus far.  You have been letting the “synchronicity of life” lead you on the outside and that is how miracles of flow are gained.  This must continue but in addition let us lead within.  It is the same thing for you.  You follow the signs on the outside for synchronicity and thus miracles of flow result.  Now you must “follow the signs” on the inside for miracles of demand to result.

There is a not quite correct element in the word demand.  You may demand of yourself but demand of little else.  This, as you already are aware of, is simply due to the co-creative nature of life here.  All that you do must be perfectly correlated and choreographed with all the other seven billion of you here.  This is normally a great frustration for you but as you grow to understand and accept this simple fact it will cease to become a point of frustration.  Rather, it will become a source of true amazement.  Every single thing that every single person does is required by all the rest.  Profound indeed, that is.

So if it is the word “demand” to use then apply that to yourself as the same type of demand that you applied to yourself to learn miracles of flow.  Except in this case demand of yourself to see us and then see us seeing you seeing us in the circle of oneness. Thus you “follow” us within to “lead” life without.

Thank you for listening.  This was a good session.  Well done.

More from the A's.

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