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#1 2006-10-28 02:31:37


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

I've been experimenting with EFT lately.  This is a form of energy work that uses a combination of techniques to clear energetic blocks in the body.  Primarily, it uses tapping on meridian points, and a series of eye movements and sounds (a whole-brain approach) to clear stuck energy patterns.

I have found that this technique works very effectively with lasting results (so far).  I have used it for physical pain, emotional pain, and stuck emotional energy so far, and found it to provide lasting and positive results.

I worked with a client who is a Joyful Empowerment client using these techniques today, and she cleared about two or three times the number of emotional blockages that we usually cover in one of our two hour sessions together.

So, just letting folks know about it.  I find that it is a great compliment to the intentional work.  The way I'm using it is like so....

1) What's your intention?
2) What is present for you now?
3) Use EFT to clear first thing that is present.
4) Test to see if first thing still has an emotional charge.  If yes, repeat step 3, if no, begin again at step 1.
5) Process is complete when client says "pause button" or when client arrives at a time where all that is present is a sense of being able to have the

Here's the site with the techniques:

They provide a FREE e-book which explains the techniques in full, and eight sets of DVDs at $60 per set.  The first two sets are all that is really required to learn the bulk of the techniques.  I have not bought and DVDs yet, but plan to.

I'm interested in getting all of the DVDs, and splitting the cost with someone.  He allows people to duplicate the DVDs and give them away, so long as no profit is made on them.  I have a friend who can duplicate them for me.  If you'd like to go in on the set with me, contact me at



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