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#1 2018-07-10 02:10:53

Greg Ehmka

12 Rules and 12 Transformations

Twelve Rules

The first rule is that there are no rules.
The second rule is: When in doubt, see the first rule.
The third rule is: No self make wrong.
The fourth rule is: No make wrong of others and especially not your lover.
The fifth rule is: What's good for the mother is good for the child.
The sixth rule is: Make love or have at least six inspiring things to do before you get out of bed.
The seventh rule is: Don't try to get something from someone who either cannot or will not give it to you.
The eighth rule is: Make wherever you are great or don’t be there.
The ninth rule is: Make your body great or don’t have one.
The tenth rule is: If the communication doesn't feel great, check it.
The eleventh rule is:  Don't live in the past or the future or the present.  Live in the eternal.
The Twelfth rule is: Live your enlightenment. It's either all energy or it isn't. How can something be wrong with energy?  Nothing is wrong, there never was anything and there never will be anything wrong.

And Twelve Transformations

i. Transform loss of achievement into love of synchronicity.
ii. Transform loss of life into love of rebirth.
iii. Transform loss of comfort into love of transformation.
iv. Transform all that you “do."  a) Work like those who love achievement. b) Respect life like those who love life. c) Be happy like those who love comfort. d) But live for self knowledge alone.
v. Transform fear of isolation into love of the eternal.
vi. Transform fear of the unknown into love of self discovery.
vii. Transform fear of smallness into love of innocence.
viii. Transform your impatience. Grow as the sacred flower grows.
ix. Transform your hostility.  Desire only that which is within you.
x. Transform your displeasure. Desire only that which is beyond you.
xi. Transform your arrogance. Desire only that which is unattainable.
xii. Transform your anger for within you is the light of the world.



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