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#1 2018-07-10 02:10:53

Greg Ehmka

The 12 Transformations

The Twelve Transformations

i.   Transform loss of achievement into love of synchronicity.
ii.  Transform loss of life into love of rebirth.
iii.  Transform loss of comfort into love of adventure.
iv.  Transform chaos, upset and disruption into appreciation of change.
v.   Transform fear of isolation into love of the eternal.
vi.  Transform fear of the unknown into love of self discovery.
vii.  Transform fear of smallness into love of innocence.
viii. Transform your impatience and grow as the sacred trees grow.
ix.  Transform your hostility into understanding polarity.
x.   Transform your displeasure into love of that which is beyond you.
xi.  Transform your arrogance into love of the unattainable.
xii. Transform your anger into love of the light within you.



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