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#1 2016-04-15 15:17:52

Greg Ehmka

Mahamudra: The Spiritual Non-Path

Mahamudra: The Spiritual Non-Path

What is a "spiritual non-path?"  If you think about it,  a non-path would be a path that has no beginning, no middle and no end.  It would have no starting point and no ending point.  There would be no goal or place at which we would arrive and no place to begin.  Or, we could say that a non-path is one that does not previously exist and only comes into existence as we walk it. 

Normally, when we speak of a "spiritual path" there is the implication that the person traveling this path will have some sort of process or group of processes and have some sort of experience or group experiences possibly including an initiation or series of initiations.

Additionally, there is the implication that the person traveling this path will likely learn some technique or group of techniques.  And, perhaps most importantly, there is the implication that the person traveling this path will learn many lessons from one or more teachers, books or scriptures. 

Mahamudra requires no processes, no techniques and no experiences.  Mahamudra requires no initiations, no lessons and most importantly Mahamudra requires no teacher!  These qualities are what make it Maha or "great".  When a person is in Mahamudra, he or she is immediately and directly in contact with his or her own divinity.  He or she becomes deity, right here and right now.

"How could such a thing be?" you might be rightly asking.  Our general and historical notions of a spiritual path or spiritual evolution or progress toward Self or God realization would all seem to argue against the concept of a non-path. 

But if you think about it, all of the great masters, teachers and saints said that God or deity  was already inside each of us.  So why should this already existing "divinity within us" not be available to us?   And if it is already there why would there be any necessary path that had to be traveled to get to it?

Therefore, a non-path not only can exist, it does exist.  And Mahamudra is that non-path.  And as a consequence there is no required spiritual path to "travel".  Yes, there might still be paths to enjoy, techniques to check out, experiences or initiations to research, books and scriptures to read and, naturally teachers to listen to but none of it is necessary or required. 

Once you are in Mahamudra you are already "there".  That means you are in full, direct contact with your inner guidance.  You can call this inner guidance by any name.  It can be called higher Self, God, soul, spirit, All That Is, angels, guides, Masters or whatever you wish.  This immediate and direct contact depends only on the degree to which you are open to it and trust it.  Initially, that may vary based on the following:
1) A learning curve to know what feeling and following "involuntary impulses for movement and sound" actually feels like.

2) Separating out and knowing the difference between "voluntary" (your) impulses for movement and sound and "involuntary" (inner guidance) impulses for movement and sound.

3) Trusting the impulses completely.  This is the biggest challenge.

Most often references to Mahamudra indicate that an "initiation" and a "proper teacher" are required.  This is not correct.  A great many people, including myself, have discovered Mahamudra completely on their own and then, whether they know what it is or not, simply begin using it.  Some just call it "intuition", others, often in sports call it "the ability to react".  Performers sometimes refer to is as "being in the zone".  Others have called it Inner Guided Movements (IGM). 

When their hands are going to exactly the right spot at exactly the right time in a beautiful and effortless way healers, body workers and facilitators are using it naturally. 

Mahamudra has solo aspects and it has aspects for interaction with others.  These depend on intentions.  There are aspects of intent that YOU set and there are aspects of intent that inner guidance sets.

Mahamudra has been readily available for the last nearly hundred years in a pure although limited form from the people of Subud.  They do not call it Mahamudra however.  The Subud people call Mahamudra "latihan kedjiwan".  This is Indonesian for "spiritual exercise."  Latihan is, in fact, Mahamudra but only uses some of Mahamudra's  aspects.  Meaning that although Latihan is a pure form of Mahamudra there is a much greater scope of what is possible than that which Latihan utilizes.

Osho, in his book, "Tantra the Supreme Understanding", chapter six, talks about the Latihan, Subud and Subud's founder, a man referred to as Bapak, who had his enlightenment experiences nearly a hundred years ago and, not knowing about Mahamudra, brought "the Latihan" to his people as a result of his own enlightenment experiences and inner guidance.

Osho says that Latihan is the "first step towards Mahamudra".  He is both correct and incorrect.  Correct from the point of view that there is so much more available in Mahamudra than just the Latihan.  Incorrect in that he, himself, adds "structure" to Mahamudra like time limitations, meditations, postures etc. that are not an intrinsic part of Mahamudra but are instead additions that he brings to it.

Mahamudra is completely unstructured.  It is a completely free and unstructured moving meditation or a kinesthetic dialogue solely between you and your inner guidance that incorporates your intentions and its intentions.  It is always new and fresh.  It is always a surprise and it always comes from the unknown.  Meaning, it comes from what you don't know that you don't know.   Plus, it has full access to what you don't know that you know.  Meaning, that while YOU don't know everything your inner guidance does!  Your divinity, your inner guidance knows all.  And all of that knowledge is available.   It is available any time, immediately and directly.  The only variables are your own intentions.

Your inner guidance already knows all about the usual mudras and asanas and will guide you to them and have your physical body express them in a natural, flowing and organic way that perfectly and uniquely suits you specifically in any given moment.  This is the original source from which the mudras and asanas came from! 

Osho also says that the "latihan" is one of the oldest Tantric methods and has been a part of Tantric practice for thousands of years.  My own experience supports this.  Making love Tantrically, meaning, sharing Tantric sexual energy while the partners are fully immersed in Mahamudra is, in my view, the very heart of Tantra providing experiences and potentials for experience that are not only filled with joy, ecstasy and love but also filled with wisdom and knowledge.  Knowledge of unity and Oneness with your beloved, the universe, the Self and All That Is. 

If one does not discover this connection to inner guidance on one's own Mahamudra is very easily learned either by induction or instruction or both.   Simply being in the presence of others who are already in Mahamudra is enough to learn it in time by "picking up on the energy" (this is what is meant by induction) and in due course learning what it feels like and how to follow it.  This is how the Subud people do it.  They refer to it as "being opened".

With Instructions, Mahamudra is learned very easily by a simple process of relaxation and awareness followed by step by step instructions to "find, feel and follow the involuntary impulses for movement and sound".  These processes are simple enough for almost anyone who is clear enough about them to communicate them to others.  Thus with a little experience anyone may open anyone else to inner guidance who sincerely desires and intends to be opened.

In my own groups and those of others both instruction and induction occur.

Inner guidance through Mahamudra may be used in just about as many ways as one can think of.  It may be used for hours at a time or for seconds at a time.  It may be used to answer questions or find some new truth.  Subud calls this "testing".

In "solo mode" it may be used to receive guidance on what to say in a difficult situation or for finding the lost keys.  In "interaction mode" with a partner it may be used for mutual empowerment,  profound healing or for Tantric sexual energy sharing.  In interaction mode with groups there are many amazing experiences available that prove to demonstrate the unity and Oneness of life through an astonishing "inner guided choreography".  One woman shared that in a group Mahamudra her eyes came open momentarily and she witnessed four different people who each had one hand simultaneously connecting to the other three and they all had their eyes closed!

Gently, naturally and organically merging and integrating inner guidance through Mahamudra into one's life 24/7 virtually guarantees that gradually life will become one of flow, synchronicity and grace.

If you would like to experiment on your own, I have recorded a 27 minute audio with the instructions that you can listen to here.

If you have any questions or something you would like to share with me please use the greg ehmka contact page to let me know. 

Thanks and enjoy!

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