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#1 2010-04-23 04:28:14

Greg Ehmka

The Fountain of Youth Within

The Fountain of Youth Within

The idea of physical immortality or eternal youth or the fountain of youth is something people have longed for, searched for and wished for, for about as long as history records.  It is in some ways a fundamental archetype of being human.

What if the proverbial fountain of youth has been right inside of us all along, hiding in plain sight so to speak?  What if we didn’t actually need nanotechnology, herbal technology, medicinal technology or anything external to ourselves for the purpose of staying young, vital and alive?

What if that feeling of youth, vitality and aliveness was a simple result of a more precise and expanded use of the “power of emotion?”  What if this power of emotion possessed the capability of transforming our physical bodies into more of what we would like them to be?

It would be safe to say that a very high percentage of illness, disease, disability and so on has as its root cause simple stress.  Acute stress causes accidents, injuries, errors in judgments and a whole host of things that cause discomfort great and small.  Chronic or accumulated stress can cause deep and hurtful experiences from  terminal illness  and death to heartbreaking events of all types, physical, mental and emotional.

If we were to analyze stress what would we find beneath it?  Anxiety, depression, nervous tension, wrathful explosions waiting to happen?  And what would we find as we observe people striving to cope or manage or handle these feelings?  Addictions, distractions, compensations and avoidance patterns of all types?

On the other side of the equation what produces those joyful, happy experiences?  The ones that make us want to express thanks and gratitude everywhere?

Well, it’s probably getting clear that all of these things live inside of us in our day to day lives in real time as our “feelings.”

What we have to offer is what might be called a “humanistic technology” to slow, stop and reverse ageing. By humanistic we mean inside ourselves and not outside as in  mechanical, chemical or psychological technologies although those certainly can be of benefit also.

The components of this humanistic technology are relatively few and rather simple.  They include, intention, attention, emotion and what we could call access to inner guidance or inner potential.

Attention is what we place our awareness on.  Intention is what we truly desire.  Emotional clearing and closure of “old business” opens the way to excitement, enthusiasm, joy and yes, love.  And, access to inner guidance or potential is what helps us with life’s inevitable surprises and mysteries, the “personal unknown” as we like to call it.

When these components of the technology are learned, combined and integrated into a coherent lifestyle all aspects of life are greatly enhanced including health, “youthfulness”  and ultimately, with considerable commitment and effort on our parts, access to the fountain of youth within.

The "How To:"
In order to empower the "Inner Fountain of Youth" we've more or less settled on the following "curriculum" of the Etceterra Courses.  There are now five levels as follows, all necessary, leading up to the direct work on slowing, stopping and reversing aging.

Level One: "Inner alchemy," 2-3 days.

Level Two: Level One plus "Source or Foundational Healing," 5 days.

Level Three: Level Two plus "Tantric alchemy and Ascended Relating," 8 days.

Level Four:  Level Three plus "Mastering Inner Guidance,"  12 days.

Level Five:  Level Four plus "Ascension with the Body, Living and Loving Life for Centuries," 21 days.

In general each course has all of the previous levels within it so "prerequisites" can be done at a faster pace if desired.

You can follow the progress and development of these courses here.

Thanks for listening.

Greg Ehmka 

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