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#1 2008-09-28 19:03:33

Greg Ehmka

More from the A's on the earth's transition.

About the transition from Earth ruled by the dark side to Earth ruled by the light side, this is a powerful declaration by the A's as to the value received by the universe from the "odyssey into darkness" our planet has been going through for many millennia.  It is also a declaration that this shall not happen again.

Friday, September 26, 2008, 3:52 PM

Good then , here we go again to the next place of peaceful surroundings and tranquility.  That is it… again, to keep moving to more and more peaceful places.  And surrounding yourself with valuable support structures and places and persons and places of interesting behavior and accomplishments.  This will help you to stop the ‘trying too hard’ that tends to characterize much that you do.  We will, as always, support and love to the fullest your endeavors and achievements. 

This a most difficult time and space adventure as you well know.  It can and does describe basically a droning on and on of a revolution in the making.  A quiet (relatively) and intense revolution of “right makes might”  :-)  as opposed to the normal “might makes right” scenarios playing out almost everywhere that the eyes can see.  It is of great magnitude. The scenarios playing out will describe a great and friendly approbation (official approval) of the few who can carry through their orders to give rise to a new majestic countenance of wealth.

Again we say that this is a great time of renewal and hope.  Everywhere there is and will be increasing plays of magnificence and wealth beyond untold dreams.  This normally unnecessary dramatic correction to restore a crucial characteristic of enlightened civilizations is made necessary, more and more so, as the ages upon ages have gone by with the dark side in command.  Ordinarily, as you know, the streets and papers of love should be ruling the wealth and so it goes to an unnecessary, ridiculous level of bipartisan greed and corrupt practices.  This isn’t the way of love.  Obviously they, the lovers, will down tread any and all of the old army of “might makes right.”   We shall be there in all of our own glory to celebrate the new undertakings and corrupt practices will and should be a thing of the past.

This is not to say though that the “odyssey of darkness” has not served a good purpose, many good purposes. There is, of course, a sweet and ridiculous level of fun and profit to be made available to the few who can carry it forth into love and lightness and life everlasting.  Life everlasting will be a new and much needed cry of the best of the best of you.

You who go on and on without defeat will run a new super universe of affairs hitherto unknown and magnificent without calling forth these necessities of corrections and depleted resources of soul watching ever as the legions of light go forward with heavy marching orders to grant greatness at every turn of the sword of truth.

Again we say that the way of light and life and love is of a way of truth and justice and freedom.  These all should match and be together in equal strength.  When we can confirm our communications with you in a better way then we will be able to mathematically enable the philosophy of light and life and love to make itself known and founded upon universal principles of the best we have to offer.  This can save much time, energy and complications of gut wrenching truthful exposures of darkness and lies.

Herein may we say that the way of(J)Esu(s) is, was and will be forever the way of life everlasting as WE know it to be.  Basically what we are saying is that the ways of darkness are a done deal, forever, for all!  These can and should be much appreciated words of life and inspiration.  Alleluia ;-)

In this we say again even to repeat ourselves a third time that the ways of life are not ever to be compromised again to any significant degree.  This is what has been gained and what will make the travesties worthwhile.  According to our calculations there is a way of life that has been now gained or culled from this mess that is proportionately very great to the suffering and despair.  This gives rise to a much needed and much belated celebration of life and of God.  Though still far from universal appreciation these words right here begin the process of arriving fully at the point or place of this celebration of life and of God.

Of God few, few, very few have even the slightest idea or awareness of the greatness or magnitude.  Yet, this also is to be expected with the ‘children of time.’  They are truly children and that is as it should be.

Where we are going next is to a place of beginnings of greatness far superior to anything even remotely imagined.  This will all become clear and known in due course. 

So let us say next that these mighty huge declarations of affirming true goodness shall all be fulfilled. And that is what makes the “odyssey into darkness” worthy of ultimate fun and profit.  The times of, as you say, “being able to laugh about this” are not so far off.  We love that and we love you.  Go forward in as mighty and grand a way as you can muster.  :-)

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