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#1 2008-04-10 21:26:15

Greg Ehmka

Greg's Initial Samadhi Experiences

Hi Everyone,

I am extremely pleased to share that just recently, within the last two weeks, (as of March 11, 2008) I have been able to reach what can only be called states of “Samadhi.”  My inner guidance also confirms that these are experiences of what has been referred to as Samadhi.

If you search on Google using: “define Samadhi” there will be many definitions of the term.  Except for the concept of “trance” thus far, here are the ones with which I resonate most:

•    The name in India for spiritual ecstasy. It is a state of complete trance, induced by means of mystic concentration.
•    The state of ultimate bliss and spiritual enlightenment. (Raja)

•    union with the ecstatic consciousness of the Soul by the full awakening of the Kundalini Shakti combined with full absorption of the attention upon the Soul. The term samadhi (small 's') is also used to refer to the flowing of energy to any focal point of concentration in Raja Yoga. ...

•    total yogic integration; ecstatic consciousness 
And then, some definitions for ecstasy and bliss:


•    a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion; "listening to sweet music in a perfect rapture"- Charles Dickens

•    a state of elated bliss


•    a state of extreme happiness

•    In Tibetan terms:
-    1. blissful feeling - to be free from adverse conditions of disharmony.
2. conceptual bliss - to be free from the pain of concepts.
3. non-dual bliss - to be free from clinging to dualistic fixations.
4. unconditioned bliss - to be free from causes and conditions.


•    an exhilarating psychological state of pride and optimism; an absence of depression

•    a feeling of joy and pride

As I experience this it can be compared to the very best few moments of an ‘e’ journey or, the very best few moments of sexual union with your beloved, when it all comes together and it is centered in the heart.

It is important to note that the experience is not in any way dependant on journeys or making love.  It takes me, at the moment, about ten to twenty minutes but I can “arrive” there now essentially any time that I wish.  As you might imagine, this is an extraordinary thing to be sharing for me! :-)  Greg does not normally have a tendency to describe things, life or experiences in these ways.  LOL.

But, it is a fact.  I can put a smile on my face and a sense of elation in my heart at almost any time now!

As we might expect, the sense of being “centered in the heart” is the defining characteristic.  Now I would like to make a distinction between the heart chakra and the heart organ or muscle.  It is my opinion that these are most often confused.  I would assert that the heart chakra is not centered in the heart organ but in the thymus.  The thymus is located as centered and higher up in the chest.  Kryon calls it the “high heart’ and confirms that this is the seat of physical rejuvenation.  He and others have stated that the thymus is large, healthy and alive in infants and children but essentially becomes, increasingly, an atrophied stone in adults.

As I work with people in clearings and Bodyhans this “high heart” area becomes very important.  It is often the location of extreme anxiety and pain.  Literally, heartaches, anxiety attacks and pain associated with lost love, great unhappiness and simply being alive.  I’ve become convinced that this transformation work, in its extended form or “immortality” form, is about revitalizing, rehabilitating and bringing back to life the thymus gland.  It is a great challenge in the extreme.  It is probably a challenge of many years but, wow, I now have a MUCH greater sense of the ultimate vision along with the, seemingly at times, horrendous challenge.   Along with all of our intentions, that vision IS one of “extreme happiness.”

From a technique point of view and I will bring the practice of this more and more into the courses, it goes a little like this:

1) Place yourself in your most comfortable “couch potato” mode.  (Yes, IGO enlightenment and spiritual growth should always be most enjoyable!)
2) Go into KIS taking what feels right to take and leaving whatever does not.
3) Stretch the eyes gently up to the 3rd eye and/or crown chakras.  Clear what may come present or if you experience pain.
4) Begin an “internal Latihan.”  Meaning, feel for involuntary impulses that are only energetic in nature not muscularly movement oriented as we normally do.

When and if the kundalini ultimately reaches the thymus there will be an unmistakable feeling of a great “love buzzing or love radiating” outward from the “high heart.’  There will also be an unmistakable feeling of the high heart being continuously and abundantly filled with a delicious and powerful energy from within a deeper, more central-source place.

Once this specific energy is accessed, as in one of the definitions above (small ‘s’ Samadhi,) this energy may be directed wherever you wish.  I am currently flowing it through the jaw muscles to relax them, the ears and the eyes.

You will also find when this specific energy is present that each breath you take connects in an exhilarating manner to the high heart.  It is almost like “Cobra Breath” finds a home in the thymus, the high heart.

Moving on, there are many descriptions of consciousness changes relative to Samadhi. Here are a few references in the definitions of Samadhi :

•    Cosmic consciousness, there is said to be various levels. It is a state of true yoga where the meditator and object of meditation are one. It is said that samadhi brings a complete transformation of consciousness.

•    In Hinduism, a state of meditative union with the Absolute. In Buddhism, a high state of awareness and concentration that is short of self-realization.

•    ("putting together"): the ecstatic or unitive state in which the meditator becomes one with the object of meditation, the eighth and final limb (anga) of Patanjali's eightfold path; there are many types of samadhi, the most significant distinction being between samprajnata (conscious) and ...

•    Samadhi (Sanskrit: समाधि, lit. "establish, make firm") is a Hindu and Buddhist term that describes a non-dualistic state of consciousness in which the consciousness of the experiencing subject becomes one with the experienced object, and in which the mind becomes still (one-pointed or ...

Truthfully, I do not resonate with these descriptions very much yet or feel that they are very important.  Personally, I find that the concept of “unity consciousness” is not significantly different than a beautiful feeling of oneness with your partner while making love or a beautiful sense of ‘love and rapport” with a beloved friend or actually most anyone or anything (animals, trees mountains, Gaia) when we are “lucky,” or “graced,” or empowered enough to be able to make it happen. 

For me, “unity consciousness” is inherent everywhere and at all times in  life itself through the experience of ‘joyful empowerment.’

Granted, it takes some practice to produce the experience “on demand,” so to speak, but the unity experience itself is, I would assert, the same.  I think that this becomes more and more relevant as I further define and articulate the “theory” that there are actually two modes of ascension.  One with and one without the body.  There are no rules, of course, but it just may be that “trance states” and states of “absorption with the divine” are, may be or may have been more characteristic of “ascension without the body.” 

I have much more to share about this both in theory and practice.  In fact, I will likely reorganize the work into “bite-sized’ weekend pieces for smaller groups oriented around the fundamental intention to ascend WITH the body.

These states of Samadhi are just amazing.  Profound, exhilarating, delightful and even contain a sense of what we might call “authentic pride.”  This allows for an unmistakable confidence that comes present.  I believe this confidence stems from the ability to produce the state voluntarily in contrast to the ecstatic states produced involuntarily in Lathan. 

As Kryon would playfully suggest;  I think I’ll celebrate by building a monument to my own “milestone experience!”

I love you. 

Apr 6, 2008,  Update:

Since my initial clear Samadhi experiences four to six weeks ago, there has been a softly growing and gently stabilizing of a kind of “presence.” 

By ‘presence’ as an objective thing, I mean the continuous experience of something that it would not be an exaggeration to call a soft, radiating sphere of eternal life that rests in my chest.(!)

It is no wonder so many mystics have been moved to poetry or poetic prose to describe their experiences.

As I shared previously, for a while it took some 10-15 minutes to connect with this energy source.  Now it is there more or less constantly and is accessible at any moment.  All I need to do is place my attention there (meaning, on the high heart) for only a second or two and the “sphere” begins to glow and send through my body a warm, energizing, love filled flow. 

Further, if I breathe into it, there is an effortless drawing of this soft, radiating, eternal life energy into the lungs or upward to the head or basically anywhere I like and the corresponding exhale allows for a distribution to my eyes or back of the head or also anywhere I like.

It really does feel that the sense of eternal life is now always there, always present, always with me and it will be just a matter of time before it energizes the rest of the body sufficiently to carry that feeling everywhere else in addition to the sphere in the high heart, thymus area.

The continuous presence and ease of acces to this energy now makes everything easier.  Living in the flow of life becomes even more smooth, beautiful, appreciative and peaceful.  Just like all of the mystics have said!  Stopping discordant thoughts is almost fun now!  You just focus on this energy, glance upward toward the third eye and poof!  The discordant thought (read anger, scared, make wrong voice etc.) just goes, just evaporates.

Of course, if the energy is anywhere in the body in addition to the thought, then you still have to clear but that also is done with less and less identification.

The effect on making love is also strong.  It is easier to hold higher and higher sexual energy states, like for example,  making love continuously for two hours,  with greatly decreased tension and greatly increased deep heartfelt love.  There is a clearer three-way balanced experience to love-making. 1) The sexual pleasure energy and 2) the impulses to clear and 3) the straightforward feeling of loving and adoring your partner are more and more fabulous, balanced and tension free.

I can also see now that when i wrote the article "Breathe With Your Heart" (which is probably my fav of that series) for the Mission Ignition site that i was foreshadowing these experiences.  Nice.

Thank you for listening.  It is a great adventure.

I love you ,   greg

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