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#1 2007-01-04 20:18:39

Greg Ehmka

The Master Game

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The Master Game

“At some point, sooner or later, in the fulfillment of human destiny as personal growth and individual evolution, it is necessary to move from concepts to experiences. That is:  ‘from books to the body,’ so to speak. 

That “inner urging” within us all is no longer satisfied and reaches beyond the stories, teachings and realizations of others no matter how delightful, profound or wise.  One must, from this point on, begin one’s own unique adventure, walk one’s own unique path and write one’s own unique book.“   - Greg

A shift in being.

One of the definitely lesser known aspects of the Master Game is that there is the freedom to play it as little or as much as you may desire.  You can play it for a few seconds or a minute of your life and then never again if you do not wish to.  And, of course, you can play it twenty four hours a day seven days a week for, well yes, hundreds of years!

This is because the Master Game includes things like gaining the solution to some problem or relieving some stress which may only take a few seconds.  It also includes all of the things necessary to gain and sustain what we might call “practical physical immortality” meaning  having your physical body in such glorious good health and well-being that it last hundreds of years or, simply, for as long as you like.

In-between these two extremes would be most everything else you could imagine in terms of answering the simple question for yourself :”What would I like to make happen now?” 

If you want to make happen a physical body that you enjoy for a thousand years or if you want to make happen a parking space, if you choose to do it by what we can call a “shift in beingness” then you are playing the Master Game.

What is a shift in beingness?

It is a change in self, becoming a different person, the realization of a potential within you,  self knowledge, the knowing of which alters who you are forever, self transformation etc. And this is why the Master Game goes by so many names, among them: Ascension, Rebirth, DNA Activation, Egoic Development, Spiritual Path, “Inner Arts” of all forms, the various Yoga’s when pursued far enough and my own names for it: “The Transformation of the Identity and “The Five Hundred Year Project”.

These names are all about personal, individual “shifts in beingness” and shifts in beingness can be used to make anything happen from parking spaces and money to god-realization and enlightenment.

Non-linear experience.

The three broad phases of the Master Game, joyful empowerment, joyful enlightenment, joyful physical immortality are all experienced at the same time in a non-linear manner. 

For example, if you empower yourself through some significant solution you actually also get a little younger.  Or, as you more fully “live your enlightenment” you not only slow time and thus slow aging but also vanish the necessity for all solutions, as such, by living in joy so much that synchronicity handles all problems even before they are noticed.

Complete “Joyful Empowerment” is about living a life that you love.
Complete “Joyful Enlightenment” is about loving the earth and all of its people.
Complete “Joyful Physical Immortality” is about loving your self as you are, have always been and always shall be.  And so it really is all about love but the challenge is great.

If we make a distinction between you as, let’s say, the identity self or ego self and you as let’s say, the authentic self then we can notice some things. 

First, that the identity or ego self lives in “past-future” while the authentic self lives in the present.  For those who have little experience of the authentic self (Which does not mean an ego or identity self cannot be an authentic ego or identity!  They can and mostly are.) there will be little experience of the present, the now, the “eternal now.”

Second, for those with a strong experience of the authentic self (sometimes referred to as the “I am.”) there will be a strong experience of the present, the now and a correspondingly weak experience of past and future, of time as it is normally experienced.

Third, the ego self has memories of love, past, and perhaps intentions to love, future, while the authentic self has the experience of love in the present.
Can an ego self experience love in the present?  Yes, of course BUT it will be changed by such an experience!  It will no longer be the same identity or ego self.  A shift in beingness will have occurred and the ego is therefore different.  Technically, it becomes a slightly different identity.  One for whom THAT experience of love, which it just had, is now part of its past!  Simultaneously, the authentic self which lives in the present will have gotten stronger i.e. more present, because of that experience of love.

Step by step the authentic self grows larger and the ego self grows smaller.  Therefore, one’s experience of past and future grows smaller and ones experience of the present, the now, grows larger.

The point is that an authentic self, in the now and in love has great power to make happen whatever it desires whether it is parking spaces or immortality.  Power lies in the present.  Living in the present and living in love expands the eternal now and shrinks the past and the future.

And so the non-linear experience of past, present, future, which transform time along with love combine to empower you, enlighten you and immortalise you… joy!

Who plays?

From a certain point of view, it would not be inaccurate to say that ”The Master Game” is either knowingly or unknowingly being played by every human being on our planet.

That point of view would state that since, a) every human being, at his or her core, is of Godlike divinity and love, And b) since every human being is evolving to a greater expression of this divinity and love, and c) since the expression of Godlike divinity and love at some appreciable level is, arguably, what a Master is in our four dimensional reality,  Then each human being is, as a matter of logic, on their way to becoming a Master!

So, if everyone is doing it anyway then what need for the Master Game?

Right!  That is what makes it a game.  You don’t have to!  Ever!  Freedom of choice totally prevails!  So it is a choice, you play if you want to play and you don’t if you don’t. 

Here are some questions to help you decide along with the reasons that I personally play the Master Game.

Do you want a life that you love living?  This makes you happy and makes you want to stay a long time.
Do you want to love the earth and all of its people?  This gives you a purpose and a reason to stay a long time.
Do you want to be immortal?  This gives you the capability of staying a long time.
Do you want to feel, find and follow your own individual personal truth?  This gives you the very thing to contirbute to others and to Gaia for as long as you wish to be here contributing.

How to play the Master Game. A video introduction by Greg to the work.

The Master Game Primer

All Articles

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#2 2007-02-28 20:46:13

Greg Ehmka

Re: The Master Game

The Master Game II – More On Immortality

“The very definition of ascension technology by default will absolutely create declined aging. When you are on a path of increased vibration your biology must be addressed (as we have channeled many times.)  Those successful in understanding how to integrate the biology and spirituality into the vehicle of an ascended body will age far less and some even will stop it entirely.”      The Kryon Channel

The Immortality Intention

The approach to longevity and immortality that is part of The Master Game is a “humanistic” one.  It is not a technological one or a mechanistic one or a biochemical one per se and so on.  Although these may have benefit or value relative to the immortality intention they are just a different course of action to this one.

What this “humanistic technology” means is that nothing is needed outside of the human being itself.  His or her thoughts, intentions, physical body and emotions etc. are sufficient.

Most important of these are the emotions.

Visualizations, affirmations, positive thinking and most any use of the intellect alone is
essentially only the beginning.  They declare and sustain the intention but little more.  The real power to energize and manifest the immortality intention and actually any intention comes through the body in general and the emotions specifically.

This is why things like heart, passion, desire, love, commitment often make the vital difference in so many personal endeavors. 

Emotions themselves also follow intentions. For example, what is one mans war is another mans peace. As such, when properly developed, or actually redeveloped since children use them quite naturally, emotions are both empowering and an internal guide to the fulfillment of one's desires.

Unfortunately, since the natural use of emotion is normally trained out of us as children, the proper use of them needs to be relearned and this is essentially what the purpose of “The Master Game – Phase one, ‘Joyful Empowerment’ is about. 

But, even more important then this is that the improper use of emotion requires us to undertake the huge and challenging project of nothing less then the complete makeover of our ego or identity.  The ego as an energetic structure, or better said, the identity matrix only allows certain life energy to flow through it.  Meaning it only allows certain experiences ‘in’ and only certain types of self expression ‘out.’

The experience of immortality is simply not included in the domain of “allowable experiences” of the identity matrix unless we alter it, transform it, change it to do so!

And even with a somewhat properly functioning emotional system that would more  easily guide us to the fulfillment of intentions, the desire for physical immortality is of such a groundbreaking nature that a great “pioneering passion” is necessary.

So the problem is twofold.. !) Since it  has not been done before, we don’t know the way to the fulfillment of our immortality intention and 2) Without guidance, we don’t know if we are on the way or not to the fulfillment of ANY intention!

Until now.

Once we know how to play the first phase of The Master Game we have solved the second problem.  That being, the knowledge of how to steadily move forward to the complete fulfillment of any intention.  And the good news is that solving the second problem solves the first since the immortality intention then becomes “just” another intention!

Strictly speaking, at this point, an empowered, fulfilled intention for immortality may produce a number of alternative approaches, technological, biochemical or humanistic as suggested before.  It is then a matter of one’s own truth, inner guidance, joy and empowerment as to which particular approach is selected.

The humanistic approach is a whole body approach which transcends yet builds upon the visualizations, affirmations and thought processes that are the beginning.

The Fountain of Youth Within

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